Pastoral letter of His Beatitude Sviatoslav and the Permanent Synod on the Occasion of the Great Fast 2014

"Our Church, our Faithful and our entire Ukrainian People enter into the Great Fast this year with feelings of pain, fear, suffering and trembling hope. We have experienced one of the longest and most terrible winters in the history of our people – a winter in which we profoundly and personally felt the darkness of sin, and we saw evil that garishly expressed itself in our modern history and bore its murderous interior for all to see. Sin, in its ugly, noxious nature, rose up before us. 
At the same time, this is the winter of our national unity, solidarity, openness to our neighbour, and the continuation of our exodus from the home of slavery. On the ‘Maidan’, we understood the true sense of sacrifice, dedication and mercy. For many this was a time of profound self-realization and conversion to the Lord. The experience of the last 90 days must become for us a signpost for the next 40 days and for the rest of our life."


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2014 Easter Greetings from the Eparch of Saskatoon


Watch the Easter 2014 Video Message



The Situation in Ukraine

Sister Theodosia, of the Ukrainian Sisters of St. Joseph in Saskatoon, interviewed on Global News (April 15, 2014) following the Sisters' recent visit to Ukraine.


- Appeals and prayers from our Patriarch and the Hierarchy of the Ukrainian Greek Cathoic Church
- National and international news items


Catching Up and Letting Go

- By Deborah Larmour, Director - Family and Life Office -

"... The greatest of these limitations in life is that fact that we never have enough time–and ultimately we run out of time, when our time on this earth ends. C.S. Lewis said that the very fact that we complain about this limiting factor in our life speaks directly to the fact that we are destined for eternity. We were not created for time."


Eparchial SOBOR 2014 - Families Evangelizing Families

An Eparchial SOBOR will be held Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Bishop Mahoney High School in Saskatoon. The theme of the SOBOR is "Families Evangelizing Families." Presentations and discussions will inform families, parishes and the Eparchy about better meeting the needs of families as they face the struggles of modern day life. Registration packages have been sent to Clergy, Religious, parish and Eparchial organizations as well as all parishes in the Eparchy. As well as representatives from those, there will be space for other interested faithful. The deadline for registrations is April 4th.


New Resources - Family and Life Office Bulletins

The Family and Life Office is now preparing bulletins containing news, reflections, upcoming events and action items concerning marriage, family and issues of human dignity. These bulletins are very worhwhile, practical resources for living our Faith ...


Also, be sure to visit the new Family and Life website:

Survey of the Faithful of the Eparchy of Saskatoon

The Eparchy of Saskatoon is conducting a survey of members to assist in the reflection process that each parish is asked to make as part of Vision 2020, a program of renewal of our entire Church, initiated in 2011 by our Patriarch, Sviatoslav, and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Synod of Bishops, and presented by His Beatitude in his letter, "The Vibrant Parish a place to encounter the living Christ".   We are also building upon the foundation of the 2005 Sobor which recognized the need for examining and evaluating available programs and other resources, and communicating this information to parishes.

The survey should be completed by every member of the Eparchy who is 13 years of age or more. 

Please participate in this very important project which will help all of our parishes to develop pastoral plans that fit their particular circumstances and needs.

Read more and participate here »»

Parish Planning in 2014 - Applying the Themes of Vision 2020

By Easter of 2014 each parish of our Eparchy will be invited to apply the 6 themes of Patriarch Sviatoslav’s Pastoral letter to a “Pastoral Plan”. This plan will be created by you and for you so that your parish can be – a place to encounter the living Christ”.


St. Michael’s Camp 2014 “Bible Boot Camp – The Armour of God”

Madge Lake, Saskatchewan

          Teen Camp                        Youth Camp
Ages 13-16                         Ages 8-13
July 20-25, 2014           July 6-12, 2014
                                                        July 13-19, 2014
St. Michael’s Camp 2014 is inviting applications for the positions of cook and maintenance persons.


St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Eparchial Camp - Friday July 25 2014 - Friday August 1, 2014

Camp Location: St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Park near Pike Lake
Ages 8 -14
Cost is $200.00 Per Camper
Hiring - We are seeking enthusiastic Camp Counselors ages 17+ that have experience with Ukrainian Language, Ukrainian Culture and Catholic Religion. Experience with children in a summer camp setting is ideal.
Volunteer - Counselor in Training program is perfect for youth looking for a learning experience in teamwork and leadership. This volunteer position is for age 15 & 16 ... 


Recent Articles by Fr. Jeffrey D. Stephaniuk

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The Human Exercise of Freedom and the Passion of Ukraine

Maidan and the Inviolable Value of the Individual Human Person

Transcripts and Notes from Eparchial Stewardship Forum - April 2013

See this link to review the original information package and documents concerning this forum and its purposes.

At this meeting on April 20th, 2013,  the process of updating liability insurance throughout the Eparchy of Saskatoon was begun

To ensure the protection of each individual Parish, we must make sure that all Parishes carry adequate amounts of both general liability insurance and personal-abuse insurance.   We are the only Eparchy in Canada which has not yet arranged this. 

A program was put into place that will provide this coverage under a single plan for every Parish in the Eparchy of Saskatoon with a view to full implementation by November 30, 2013.

Folowing are detailed notes and transcripts from the meeting to assist those who attended in implementing the new program and to provide information to all of the Faithful about this stewardship initiative:

Pastoral Letter of His Beatitude Sviatoslav - "The Vibrant Parish - a place to encounter the living Christ"

... The parish is the place where Christian holiness most often germinates, grows, and matures. For this reason the Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in 2011, in its concern for the spiritual renewal of our entire Church, focused its particular attention on the parish, that foundational portion of the People of God, which strives for holiness under the guidance of its bishop as father and teacher of the faith. The program, which the Holy Synod approved, is called, “The Vibrant Parish – a place to encounter the living Christ.” The goal of this pastoral program is to help all the faithful of our Church to learn “to live in order to please God” (1 Th 4:1), and thus to grow in holiness and unity in Christ Jesus.

In this Pastoral Letter, I would like to reflect on the key components of a vibrant parish.