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Krasne - St. John the Apostle

Krasne church of St. John the Theologian constructed 1940-1941, 14 miles south of Wynyard; R.M. 30X.

KRASNE — The church of St. John Apostle the Theologian is the second church of the parish.

The parishioners constructed the first church in 1914. fourteen miles south of Wynyard, on a beautiful ten acre site donated by Ivan Pidkowich. The rectangular church structure, with one central done. was constructed for $900 by the Swedish contractor Ole Linder. It was blessed by Bishop Nicelas Budka in 1916 and subsequently visited by Archbishop Basil Ladyka in 1940. When the parish expanded, the church was dismantled and the salvaged material was used for construction of a larger structure.

The present church was constructed between 1940-1941 through the generous donations and voluntary labour of parishioners who were directed by the chief contractor, Michael Sawchuk. of Portage la Prairie. Manitoba. The church was blessed on August S, 194S. by Bishop Andrew Roborecki who was later appointed Bishop of Saskatoon.

The cruciform church. 72 x 44 feet. is constructed of bricks and has one central and two frontal double cupolas; their lower domes are covered with asphalt shingles and the upper domes are covered with white sheet metal and apexed by one-armed crosses. The interior vaulted ceiling extends into the large central dome well illuminated by numerous windows and supported by arcades reinforced with four pilasters. The church contains a rectangular sanctuary with a main altar and adjoining sacristies, the nave with wooden pews seating approx. 150 persons, and a choir loft above the vestibule. Electricity is used for lighting and central heating is by oil.

Adjacent to the church are the following: a belfry constructed in 1927; a mission cross dating to 1950; and a parish hall constructed in 1963 for $12,000. The parish cemetery is included in the church property. The centrally located church serves the Ukrainian Catholic community in a six mile radius.

Ukrainian settlers arrived in this area in 1910 from other parts of Canada and originally came from the Husiatyn and Stanyslaviv counties. The parish was established by: Rev. A. Delaere, CSSR, P. Shawela, F. Wanhella, Iv. Sawchen, Iv. Pidowich, Iv. Bilinski, N. Bilinski, Iv. Povoroznyk (Proznick), A. Proznick, P. Proznick, M. Kachur, M. Bashutski, D. Bodnar, M. Ostapowich, M. Lasuita, D. Lysay, D. Popadynetz, P. Storozuk, D. Skrypnyk, M. Kachaluba, A. Shular, Yo. Zack, D. Lalach, Yu. Kostiuk, K. Hiady, 0. Zeieny, T. Ilnisky, A. Pylypiuk, Matweyiw, Hawryluk and Smys-niuk and others.

Twenty-three members attended the first meeting on December 12, 1913 at the home of Tomas Mak-symchuk and chose their first executive: Mykhaylo Lasuita, vice-president; Ivan Mysak, secretary; Fylyp Bashutsky, treasurer. They also assigned a $5.00 yearly membership fee and made plans to construct a church which became a reality in 1914 (parish archives). The first Divine Liturgy in the first church was celebrated by Rev. A Delaere, CSSR, in November 1914. The first Divine Liturgy in the present church was celebrated by Rev. Volodymyr Korba, CSSR., on July 12, 1940.

On June 28, 1964 the parish together with Bishop Andrew Roborecki celebrated its Golden Jubilee. During the celebrations special mention was made to the memory of the late Ivan (John) Bilinsky, cantor and dedicated worker of the parish for over fifty years.

This parish was blessed with two vocations, one to the priesthood and one to the sisterhood. In 1941 the parish registered 85 families and 150 children (Prop. Knyha). In 1961 there were 140 souls (Directory), in 1967, 35 families (quest.) and in 1975, 30 families were registered in the parish. In 1976 the parish was under the directorship of: Rev. Michael Baraniecki, CSSR, pastor, Paul T. Proznick, Nick Kostiuk and Sam Lalach.

The name "Krasne" originates from the village Krasne in the Skalat county of Ukraine, whence came the first postmaster in this area Ivan Karmazyn (quest.).

The Ukrainian Catholic parish of St. John Apostle the Theologian, Krasne, is under the pastoral charge of Wynyard.