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Mamornitz - Virgin of Sorrows Ruthenian Church

MAMORNITZ Virgin of Sorrow Ukrainian Catholic Church

This small wooden church was built of drop siding and erected on a stone foundation in 1913 and it was called St. Mark Greek Catholic Church. In 1919 they changed the name into Ruthenian (which was a Latin official name for Ukrainian) Greek Catholic Church of the Virgin of Sorrow. On January 23, 1913 Frank Medynskyi transferred this land to Theodore (Fred) Solowy who, in turn, transferred four acres of this land on March 20, 1913 to His Grace Nicetas Budka of Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba, the first appointed Ukrainian Greek Catholic Bishop of Canada. Archbishop Andrew Sheptytsky from Lviv, Ukraine, visited the church on September 21, 1921. In 1989, Metro and Mike Bartko, sons of the former trustee Kost Bartko, undertook to restore the church. In 2000 Mike Bartko, Mike and Mary Prychak repainted the church. They are taking care of the cemetery and the church yard. Otherwise, the church has not been active for many years.