Saskatoon Eparchy has tackled the project called Cantors’ Corner.  

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

This project is attempting to be a practical teaching resource for cantors, choir members and all congregation singers. We are using the texts as they appear in Royal Doors Liturgical Texts which is a brilliantly reliable resource which is taken from “The Divine Liturgy An Anthology of Worship”. In this endeavour we are inheriting the expertise of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies. The concept of this page is easy. Look at the words and listen to them, then sing along with them and finally sing it on your own.  The rationale is that you can be practicing for days or weeks in advance of the Sunday or Feast. This will build your confidence and help you to sing for the Glory of God or to lead others in glorifying God with our voices.

The link to the page is found on our Home Page with it’s own icon,

which takes you directly to the Cantors’ Corner page.

This page is also found under the Resources Tab (

This page shows the months the Propers are for, and when you click on the month, it opens to a list of the Sundays and Feastdays for that month.

We currently have two columns on each page. The first is with text only and the second has audio-files. The (current) collection of recorded audio files is prepared and performed by Tanya Navolska.

Soon we will be adding a third column with music so that anyone can learn to sing the Propers either by ear or by notes.

Although Saskatoon Eparchy is thinking about our own cantors, we realize that this project has national implications.

Therefore, at this time we are looking at this project on a 3 month trial “work in progress” period, asking for your input and feedback.

Please email me throughout this trial period at with your feedback and comments. After the trial period (in November), these will be assessed and responded to.

Just me,

Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky

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