Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for April 2018

The Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network

For those who have responsibility in Economic Matters
That economists may have the courage to reject any economy of exclusion and know how to explore new ways forward.

April Reflection by Fr. Joseph Laramie – For Those Who Have Responsibility In Economic Matters

The following reflection was written by Fr. Joseph Laramie, SJ. Fr Laramie has served as a retreat master at the White House Jesuit Retreat Center in St Louis, and in ministry to High School and University students across his years in the Society of Jesus.  He is currently completing the final stage of Jesuit formation known as tertianship.

On TV and on the internet, we see daily headlines about the economy. “The Dow Jones reached another new high,” or “the economy sputtered again today.” I often feel confused and overwhelmed by these stories. What is the economy? Who is in charge? Am I powerless to change it? It can seem that the economy is a sort of giant dragon that needs to be fed—tax, regulations, innovations, new markets, and more. When it is fed, it’s happy, and grows fatter. If it isn’t, then it breathes fire, wipes out a few thousand jobs, and demands more food for tomorrow. Is this how the economy really works? Is this how it has to work? Read more»»

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