Glory be to Jesus Christ!

As promised, this project was evaluated after 3 months of being on line. Based on our experiences and on feedback received from you, we are embarking on a new experiment. The concept is still good; we want to provide a teaching tool for cantors who do not read music as well as for those who do. The rationale is still good: you can be practicing for days or weeks in advance of any particular Sunday or Feast Day. We are sticking with 3 out of 4 of our original assumptions: English language, Gregorian Calendar and posting only Sundays and Major Feast days. One assumption is being changed. We originally wanted to use the Anthology, because it would have a worldwide audience, but when we asked the question, “Does our project improve the quality of Saskatchewan cantors?” we discovered that it has had minimal impact. We are now switching over to the translation of Fr. John Sianchuk CSsR. This translation is used more widely in the Eparchy.

November and December will be transition months. The new project, late December through March, will begin posting in plenty of time for you to practice the Propers for Sunday before Christmas, Christmas and Sunday after Christmas.

Again we consider this project as a “work in progress”. We again are asking for your feedback. Please email me throughout this second trial period at with your feedback and comments.  April 2018 will be our next evaluation.

Just me,

Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky

Liturgical Propers with Audio
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