September 3, 2017 – Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at St. George’s Cathedral in Lviv, Ukraine

with Ordination of Bishop Andriy Rabiy, Auxiliary Bishop for Archeparchy of Philadelphia, USA


“A new bishop of the Catholic Church, a successor to the Holy Apostles, is consecrated today. AXIOS! Many Years, “Mnohaya Lita” to Bishop Andriy Rabiy.  Since I am both of Ukrainian descent as well as have a missionary heart, I was especially moved by his address in English. The Church “wants to be better than before, better in holiness, better in closeness to the Lord. This is what it’s all about. Our churches are open to everyone. They are open not only to recent immigrants.” Bishop Bryan Bayda, CSsR.


YouTube video courtesy of:           Живе Телебачення

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