UCYC at”Fall Faith Youth Retreat” and Eparchial Convention

– October 27-29, 2017 – Saskatoon

{Group Photo by Don MacKinnon}

Back Row: Lauren Lashyn, Ss. Peter & Paul, Saskatoon; Kate Lashyn, Ss. Peter & Paul, Saskatoon; [name excluded]; Petrow Lazurko , St. Basil’s Regina; St. Athanasius, Regina; Maggie Derow, St. Athanasius, Regina; [name excluded]; [name excluded]; Joseph Bodnar, St. George’s Cathedral, Saskatoon.
Front Row: 
Kailey Pochipinski, St. George’s, Prince Albert; Sarah Sawchuk, Eparchial Youth Minister, Saskatoon; Lesia Lazurko, St. Basil’s, Regina.


UCYC Eparchial Convention:

Submitted by: Lesia Lazurko and Sarah Sawchuk

On October 28 and 29, 2017, the 36th Eparchial Convention took place in Saskatoon with the UCYC, UCWLC and UCBC. There were twelve youth and young adults that attended from Regina, Prince Albert and Saskatoon. The Youth and Young Adults began with their “Fall Faith Retreat” on Friday night, as the youth gathered at Bishop Pocock School for our first session which was led by Fr. Warren Dungen. He spoke about our ancestors and the courage it took for them to come over to Canada and leave their homeland. The evening ended with us remembering our relatives that passed away and singing “Vichnaya Pamyat.”

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On Saturday morning all three organizations gathered together at St. George’s Cathedral where the day began with Divine Liturgy and opening greetings from representatives of the various organizations. The topic for our morning session was “From Following to Leading” which was led by Fr. Dungen. He began with the Lava Rock activity where we learnt to work as a team and to be there to support each other. The older we get the more competitive we become and often we leave people in the dust. This was prevalent as one team worked together, while the other team left a team member behind.

We discussed what qualities a leader should possess along with what challenges they may face, the goals of youth ministry, and relational ministry. Some discussion points that came out of the session were: the youth want to contribute to the world (have a sense of empowerment), that Jesus Christ should be part of your adventure of a lifetime, asking the youth what is important to them (sense of belonging), and offer the youth a place where they are able to grow.

Saturday afternoon saw the youth challenged in the Musee Ukraina Museum. They had a list of artifacts that needed to be found and questions about certain artifacts. It was a learning experience for the youth as they needed to become creative locating certain artifacts.

Once we were completed at the museum, we headed off to the Corn Maze. This was another team building exercise as we needed to find answers to clues in the corn maze along with trying to listen to each other in which direction we should proceed to find the clues. Let’s just say, it is not as easy as it sounds as we came across some of the answers multiple times (meaning we were walking in circles).

Once again, Saturday evening’s banquet brought together all three of the organizations. We enjoyed great food and fellowship from everyone in attendance. Once the meal was completed, greetings were presented by the mayor of Saskatoon and a Sask Party MLA. After the greetings, our guest speaker for the evening was Brenda Robinson. She spoke about the challenges of communication between the older and younger generations.

She spoke about how the younger generation has a voice, but how the older generation may not listen long enough to what is being said. It is time to get our priorities straight and that is how all the organizations can work together. Trust was the next thing we need to work on; the older generation have their way on how to get things done, but there needs to be trust in place with the younger generation and we need to listen to what their opinions are as they may have more experience.

On Sunday morning, everyone attended Divine Liturgy at St. George’s Cathedral. After brunch, Sister Sophia opened the Shrine to Sisters Olympia and Lurentia for the members of the organizations to view. The youth members from Regina along with Sarah Sawchuk went to view the Shrine. Sister Sophia then opened the building that held all the nativities for Christmas on display, but we had to sing a Christmas Carol upon leaving. We did sing “Boh Previchnyj” and Sister Sophia even joined us for a verse.

Overall our thoughts from the weekend were just as Brenda stated, “We need to be inclusive of ALL generations.” This point really stuck in our minds and that is what these conventions are all about. Different generations are brought together to plan for the future and to learn from one another.


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