Visit to Chancery Office by Newly Appointed Pastor, Fr. Fawzi Hanna,  for Sacred Heart Chaldean Catholic Church, Saskatoon

Fr. Fawzi Hanna with Bishop Bryan Bayda, CSsR

On Friday, April 13th, His Excellency Bishop Bryan Bayda, CSsR, along with Very Rev. Janko Kolosnjaji, Vicar General and Chancellor for the Eparchy of Saskatoon, welcomed guests from the Sacred Heart  Chaldean Catholic Church in Saskatoon for a visit at the Chancery Office. Visiting were Fr. Fawzi Hanna, the newly appointed pastor and Kaesir Istifo, the parish president.

L-R: Kaesir Istifo, Parish President, Rev. Fawzi Hanna, Pastor, Bishop Bryan Bayda, CSsR, Very. Rev. Janko Kolosnjaji

Fr. Fawzi Hanna was appointed on April 2, 2018 as pastor of the Sacred Heart Chaldean Catholic Church (2101 Lansdowne Ave.) in Saskatoon, by His Excellency, Bishop Bawi Soro, from the Chaldean Eparchy of Toronto.  His Excellency, Bishop Bawai Soro will also be paying a visit to Sacred Heart Chaldean Church on Sunday, June 17 for the Divine Liturgy at 10:00 am in celebration with the First Holy Communicants of the parish.





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