January, 2023

Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC – Cultural – Now (1980-2022)


2. Ukrainian Culture:

Preserve, develop, and perpetuate the Ukrainian language and culture to strengthen our identity.

Preserving and perpetuating the Ukrainian language and culture continue to be important for Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC. A number of initiatives continue to be supported in an effort to achieve this goal:

a) Annual Scholarship Awards are offered to three worthy youths from the Ukrainian Catholic parishes in Saskatoon and area. This award is to recognize and reward their efforts in and contributions to Ukrainian language and culture, involvement in their parishes, and community activities.

b) The Branch is a member of the Saskatoon Branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council (UCC-SPC). A UCBC Branch representative is a member of the Saskatoon Branch committee.

c) Bishop Roborecki Branch has nominated recipients for the annual UCC-SPC Nation Builders Awards as well as supported the event financially.

d) A HOLODOMOR textbook for the Saskatchewan Ukrainian Teachers Association was purchased for all members in Saskatchewan in 2018.

e) A donation is made annually to Bishop Filevich Bilingual School and Bishop Roborecki Catholic School (Saskatoon Catholic Schools) to support these school in providing necessary resources and materials to enhance their programs.

f) Bishop Roborecki Branch supports the Eparchial Youth (e.g., stilt dancing), Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble (Ukrainian dancing), and youth groups in the three Saskatoon Ukrainian Catholic parishes.

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