November, 2022

Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC – Social – Then (1933-1980)

4. Social Development:
Initiate and support programs of charitable and social action which exemplify Christian ideals of justice and love.

Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC not only talked about this goal but also put it into practice in four basic ways: fraternal, charitable, social, and social action activities. The summary below identifies some of these activities.

Fraternal activities included such things as visitations of sick Brother members whether at home or in a hospital, attending funerals of Brother members, and arranging for memorial liturgies for deceased Brother members.

Charitable activities consisted of arranging social activities for seniors in the parish and community and running bingos at St. Joseph’s Home, with the proceeds donated to the Home. The Brothers supported the Ukrainian Catholic Youth (UCY) and helped organize social, sporting, and recreational activities for them. The creation and development of the Park was a significant preoccupation for the Branch for many years. The building of St. George’s Youth Centre received substantial Branch support.

The Brother members emphasized social activities as well. They organized activities for seniors at the parish hall. They also were promoters of parish picnics at the Park which in later years evolved into tri-parish picnics for a time.

Social action was the catalyst that spawned the organization and creation of the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood in 1932. In the midst of the Great Depression (The Dirty ‘30s), the February 4, 1934 Minutes record that a Committee for the Unemployed should be created. The Branch supported the National Ukrainian Canadian Committee’s efforts at assisting displaced persons. At the April 2, 1958 Meeting, the creation of an insurance fund to assist needy Brothers with funerals was discussed.


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