December, 2022

Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC – Spiritual-Religious – Now (1980-2022)

1. Catholic Faith:

Develop and enrich the religious and spiritual life in the parish, thereby strengthening the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada.

The late Metropolitan Maxim Hermaniuk, CSsR is quoted as saying, “You, dear Brothers of the UCBC, are the closest to the altar of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.”  This is because UCBC members assist the parish priest at Divine Liturgies, work closely with the parish priest, and are involved in the parish in which they are based. This is exemplified in a number of ways:

a) UCBC members of St. George’s Cathedral regularly assist at the altar during Divine Liturgies.

b) UCBC members of St. George’s Cathedral regularly serve as ushers.

c) Honor guards are provided for Episcopal Divine Liturgies as well as other important liturgical celebrations.

d) Honor guards are present (upon request) at funerals of Brother members and departed clergy.

e) An honor guard is present at the annual service (Празник/Praznyk) on June 27th at the Sisters of St. Joseph Shrine when the Martyrs of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of the 21st Century are commemorated.

f) Support for and promotion of the Annual UCBC Cross organized by the Eparchial UCBC. The cross for each year features a prayer reflecting the theme of the Universal Catholic Church or some important aspect of the Ukrainian Catholic Church (e.g., FATIMA Centenary in 2017). The proceeds of the 2022 UCBC Cross parish collections were forwarded to the Eparchial UCBC, which forwarded the monies to CNEWA for humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

g) Although Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC is based at St. George’s Cathedral, it supports the other two parishes in Saskatoon through financial contributions to the parish programs.

g) The Spiritual Advisor or Culture & Education chairperson provides information on feast days, topics of spiritual-religious significance, or events related to the Church at each meeting.

h) Meetings always begin and end with a prayer.

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