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September, 2022

Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC – Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC – Cultural Activities – Then (1933-1980)

2. Ukrainian Culture: Preserve, develop, and perpetuate the Ukrainian language and culture to strengthen our identity.

Four strategies were employed to fulfill this goal: education, networking, social and cultural activities, and focus on youth.

Education: A Bursa was established in 1935 to provide a “cultural home” for rural young men pursuing higher education in Saskatoon. Financial support was extended to the Alpha-Omega Society (non-denominational) and the OBNOVA Club (Ukrainian Catholic) student clubs at the University of Saskatchewan. UCBC was also involved in the building of Sheptytsky Institute. Scholarships for students studying Ukrainian language at the University of Saskatchewan were offered. The UCBC was invited to participate in planning for the designing of a Ukrainian curriculum to be taught in schools.

Networking: The UCBC was a member of the UCC-SPS, Saskatoon Branch. Numerous UCC-SPS cultural and educational initiatives were supported and promoted. The UCBC reached out to the provincial government to raise the profile of the Park and to solicit financial support and grants.

Social and Cultural Activities: Drama productions were popular prior to World War II. The Brothers went carolling for many years to raise funds to support the parish. Annual picnics and volunteer recognition events at the Park (also known as Ukrainian Park, Pike Lake, and Pike Lake Park), and social gatherings such as Kaiser Tournaments and Variety evenings were popular. The seniors in the community and parish were not neglected with activities arranged just for them. UCC-sponsored Taras Shevchenko Concerts were promoted and supported. The

Focus on Youth: The establishment, building, and promotion of the Park was a major endeavor of the Brotherhood, consuming many hours of meeting time, planning activities, and actual physical work. The Brotherhood also assisted with the building of St. George’s Youth Centre, and supported youth sports teams and tournaments.

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