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August, 2022

Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC – Spiritual-Religious Activities – Then (1933-1980)

1. Catholic Faith: Develop and enrich the religious and spiritual life in the parish, thereby strengthening the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada

Faith and church were very important to the early generations of members in the Saskatoon UCBC Branch. In fact, Fr. Semczuk was one of the original organizers of the UCBC. The Minutes indicate that there was always, without fail, at least one priest present at every meeting, maintaining the link between the Ukrainian Catholic Church and the community. At many of the meetings, a member of the clergy would present a message on a spiritual theme.

From a physical/material aspect, the December 13, 1936 Minutes record that there was interest in building a new church. The January 30, 1939 Minutes state that $5.00 was put into a Building Fund to build a new church. The December 9, 1951 Minutes state that the church needed to be painted, and that the heating of the church could be improved.

From a political/co-operative perspective, the decision to share UCBC minutes and information with Bishop Andrew Roborecki was made on May 1, 1955. Bishop Andrew was kept informed about major projects such as the creation of the present-day St. Volodymyr Park. On December 22, 1957, a motion was passed to donate some money to a seminary for the education of priests.

The spiritual needs and welfare of the Brother members were not neglected. Early in the Branch’s history, the decision to offer Divine Liturgies for deceased Brothers or Brothers in poor health was made. In December, 1968, the Brother members took it upon themselves to sing and respond to the 11:45 a.m. Divine Liturgy.

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