Guest post by Fr. Jeffrey Stephaniuk

Unplanned is a movie based on the book of the same title by Abby Johnson with Cindy Lambert. Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman are the screenwriters and directors of the film. They write that it is about abortion and “it’s about the aftermath.” The title is a play on words, in opposition to the Christian concept of responsible parenthood, of Planned Parenthood, the organization through which Abby “rose through the ranks to become a clinic director” in a clinic in Texas.

The title also works as a witness to providence, that unseen hand of guidance by a merciful force outside of oneself. In this regard the book and movie are a conversion story, the joy of conversion to the pro-life worldview. One does not take the good with the bad, but rather, the good comes from the bad, life from death. It is like a prayer from Easter Sunday in which the acknowledgement is made that joy has come to us through the cross, even if the very idea of conversion has become in some quarters of pop culture a politically loaded word that evokes desperate reactions of denial, revulsion, and suppression.

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