Eparchial Communications Office

Eparchial Communications Office                                  Linden Predy
Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon                     306-653-0138  ext. 226
214 Avenue M South                                                            
Saskatoon, SK   S7M 2K4

Duties of the office:

General Assistance to Eparchial Offices

  • Provide pertinent Church news and information to the faithful
  • Assist in gathering, verifying and distributing policies, standards, communiqués, activities
  • Maintain familiarity with clergy and parishes and networking contacts throughout the country
  • Acquire and maintain resources appropriate to the activities of the communications office
  • Assist in the area of communication of information through the use of technology
  • Attend meetings and speaking engagements

Media and External Relations

  • Design and coordinate advertisements
  • Prepare and distribute press releases
  • Respond to requests from outside parties for various publication materials

Eparchial Web Site

  • Provide consultation, advice and guidance on media / public relations matters
  • Maintain the Eparchial website
  • Synthesize and prioritize items submitted for the Eparchial website
  • Assist in determining mandatory items for the deanery/district newsletters and/or inserts.

Eparchial Communications Network

  • Ensure that members of the Eparchy are recruited to serve in the communications network
  • Provide support to and maintain relationships with the members of the network
  • Develop and facilitate training/workshops
  • Ensure items are regularly submitted to the web site