Eparchial Pastoral Council – updated as of August 25, 2021


Apostolic Administrator: Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, OSBM

Chairperson: Bohdan Popowych – Foam Lake

Vice-Chairperson: Andrea Wasylow – Saskatoon

Recording Secretary: Robert Wuschenny – Regina



Dean: Very Rev. Janko Kolosnjaji

**Andrea Wasylow – Saskatoon
**Vice-Chairperson for EPC

Rosalee Chubak – Prince Albert

Rosemarie Kolosnajaji – Saskatoon

Diana Kindrachuk – Hafford

Don Gabruch – Saskatoon

John Parsons – Cudworth

Mike Luczka – Saskatoon

Michael Slipiec – Melfort




Dean: Very Rev. Joachim Rac

**Bohdan Popowych – Foam Lake
**Chairperson for EPC

**Robert Wuschenny – Regina
**Recording Secretary for EPC

Lori-Lou Dungen – Regina

John Makuch – Regina

Dave Popowich – Canora

John Klapak – Montmartre

Pat Thompson – Yorkton

Doreen Rathgeber – Yorkton


“Our Vibrant Parish Cares for People and Places”




Stewardship Conference discussing our present and future challenges as a UGCC

with our clergy and the faithful, including members of our youth.


Preview given of our Ukrainian Stilts Theatre group run by our Eparchial Youth and Young Adult Ministry.
They are still learning and preparing something wonderful!



Eparchial Pastoral Council - April 29, 2017

Eparchial Pastoral Council – April 29, 2017

 The Eparchial Pastoral Coucil met on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at the Chancery Office in Saskatoon.

During the meeting, Bohdan Popowych was elected as Chairperson, Geraldine Koban as Vice-Chairperson and Robert Wuschenny as Recording Secretary.

The Eparchial Pastoral Council brings together clergy, religious and lay people, who, together with their Bishop, work jointly on pastoral activity matters in the Eparchy.

Eparchial Pastoral Council (present at April 29, 2017 meeting)

Back rows (l-r):  Bill Gulka, UCBC Eparchial Rep, John Parsons, Prince Albert Deanery, Peter Wozney, Regina Deanery, Robert Wuschenny, Recording Secretary-Regina Deanery, Rosalee Chubak, Prince Albert Deanery, Bohdan Popowych, Chairperson-Yorkton Deanery.

Front rows(l-r): Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky, Dean-Prince Albert, Rosemarie Kolosnjaji, Saskatoon Deanery, Fr. Janko Kolosnjaji, Dean- Saskatoon, Sarah Buchko, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Deb Larmour, Family and Life Office, Diana Kindrachuk, Prince Albert Deanery, Pat Thompson, Yorkton Deanery, Geraldine Koban, Vice-Chairperson-Yorkton Deanery, Fr. Peter Pidskalny, Vice-Dean,Yorkton.

Eparchial Pastoral Council - December 2012

Eparchial Pastoral Council – December 2012

On December 16, 2012, Bishop Bryan celebrated Divine Liturgy with the members of the Eparchial Pastoral Council in the Chapel of St. Andrew at Sheptytsky Institute. At the conclusion of the Liturgy, the members were commissioned and received certificates of membership.

During the meeting which followed, Bohdan Popowych was elected Chairperson, Angela Wasylow Vice-Chairperson and Laurie Friesen Secretary.

The Eparchial Pastoral Council brings together clergy, religious and lay people, who, together with their Bishop, work jointly on pastoral activity matters in the Eparchy. This year Bishop Bryan has asked the EPC to focus on the issue of Stewardship, further following through with the Sobor Document of 2005.

Eparchial Pastoral Council

back row l-r- Dave Popowich, Yorkton Deanery, Robert Wuschenney, UCBC Rep, Nadia Trafananko, Prince Albert Deanery, Bohdan Popowych, Yorkton Deanery, Most Reverend Bishop Bryan Bayda, Michael Slipiec, Prince Albert Deanery, John Parsons, Prince Albert Deanery.

front row l-r- Iris Lozinsky, Saskatoon Deanery, Pat Thompson, Yorkton Deanery, John Makuch, Regina Deanery, Sr. Marijka Konderewicz SSMI, representative of the Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre, Sr. Bonita Komarnicki SSMI , representative of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, Laurie Friesen, Youth and Young Adult Advocate, Angela Wasylow, Saskatoon Deanery and Sr. Theodosia, Sisters of St. Joseph Representative.

Also attending was Patrice Detz as a proxy representative for the UCWLC.

Also on council and unable to attend – Vera Hnenny, Saskatoon Deanery, John Klapak, Regina Deanery, Rosemarie Kolosnjaji, Prince Albert Deanery, Cecil Krywulak, Yorkton Deanery, Rev. Ivan Nahachewsky, Eparchial Vocation Director, Very Rev. Peter Pidskalny C.Ss.R. , Redemptorist Representative., John Starosta, Knights of Columbus Representative., John Sydorko, Regina Deanery, Peter Wozney, Regina Deanery and Jayne Paluck, UCWLC Rep.

  • submitted by Angela Wasylow on behalf of the Eparchial Pastoral Council
Eparchial Pastoral Council - October 2011

Eparchial Pastoral Council – October 2011

The Eparchial Pastoral Council brings together clergy, religious and lay people who, together with our Bishop, work jointly to investigate, discern and propose practical approaches to the pastoral activity in the Eparchy. The council is representative of the faithful of the Eparchy and is appointed by the Bishop to help him in his governance of the Eparchy.

The council strives to foster the spiritual growth of all parish members, to become concerned with the needs and pastoral priorities of the Eparchy and also of the Universal Church, to foster and further vocations, to assist in the evangelization and missionary activities of the Eparchy and of the Church, to coordinate and/or promote activities and programs that individuals and organizations seek to undertake on the Eparchial level, and to prepare and call, with the Bishop’s approval, an Eparchial Sobor. The council may also obtain a mandate from the Bishop to extend its actions in other fields.

Guided by the Sobor Document of 2005, Most Reverend Bryan Bayda CSsR asked the Eparchial Pastoral Council to oversee the establishment of a comprehensive communications plan for the Eparchy. During the past year, the council has worked with Bishop Bryan to design and begin executing this plan. A sub-committee was formed to define the duties of an Eparchial Communications Director, advertise the position and hire to the position. The new director, Jerry Wasylow, is currently working on redesigning the Eparchial website to make it a more effective tool for Eparchial communications. He will provide general assistance to the Eparchial offices, deal with media, aid in external relations, and oversee an Eparchial communications network.

The Eparchial Pastoral Council has recently heard reports from other offices which were set up as direct responses to the Sobor Document. Sister Bonita Komarnicki, ssmi and Sister Marijka Konderewicz , ssmi of the Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre have been actively aiding the faithful in fulfilling many of the action plans listed in the Sobor document specifically dealing with Ukrainian Catholic faith formation, prayer and worship, and catechesis. Highlights during the past year include the Eparchial Lay Formation Program, Eparchial Study Days which introduced the Generations of Faith program to parishes and families in Saskatchewan, Catechists’ Retreat, workshops, and spiritual direction. The resources at UCREC are vast and are available to all within the Eparchy.

The Family Life Office report given by director Kathy Lozinsky illustrated the many steps taken to fulfill the Sobor document action plans regarding marriage and marriage preparations courses, family life, Pro-Life, prayer through a prayer ministry and availability to help and guide those in need. Here again, the office has many resources which are available to all.

Laurie Friesen, Director, Youth and Campus Ministry for the Eparchy, detailed her responsibilities and linked them to the Sobor document action items. Major sections of this ministry involve working with the Eparchial Youth Ministry Council and The Ukrainian Catholic Youth of Canada Eparchial Executive. As Director of this ministry, Laurie advocates for children, youth, and young adults, mentors them in many activities ranging from prayer to leadership roles, consults with them and on behalf of them, supports them and gives pastoral care when needed. She also has many resources available.

Outgoing chair of Archangel Gabriel Eparchial Ministries Incorporated, Bill Kalyn, gave the council a history of AGEMI. He explained immediate tasks and challenges they were working on as well as future issues and plans.

The Eparchial Pastoral Council is presently tasked by Bishop Bayda to discern which further Sobor Document action items need to be given priority in the near future. At its last meeting, the council brought forward some suggestions and expects that the next meeting will refine those suggestions and design a plan for future initiatives.

  • submitted by Angela Wasylow on behalf of the Eparchial Pastoral Council