Eparchial Stewardship Forum 2017 – Presentations, Article, Forms and Slideshow Photos (November 18-2017)

Article on Eparchial Stewardship Forum – November 18, 2017

 – Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Dear you,

I am writing you this letter because it is more fun than writing a report.

The Stewardship Forum was a success in many ways. Why do I think it was successful?

  • Cause no one yelled at me. (Our topics included eventual decommissioning, I was worried that people might not be in full control of their grief reactions).
  • There was good conversation – two directions – not just the Eparchy downloading to the Parish/Missions.
  • New information was presented – experiences shared by the people to the people.
  • A process of collecting information was initiated so that Districts could be more informed and therefore be better at planning the future.
  • We discussed salvation and how sanctification and catechesis is more important than a building, even if the building is a church.

I pushed the timings and so did the moderator, Bohdan Popowych (AGEMI and EPC). We had a lot to cover and needed to stay on schedule. We started 7 minutes late because of technology problems.

Opening Prayer Reflection by Deborah Larmour (FLO) (Available on website)

Bishop Bryan Bayda, CSsR (BBB) opened the program for us.

Fr. Andrew Onuferko from Ottawa (Vibrant Parish Team Leader) joined us by Skype. He shared with us the Stewardship Practical Workbook for Parishioners. (Soon to be available on website)

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Slideshow Photos from Eparchial Stewardship Forum

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Stewardship Forum Presentations

Opening Prayer Reflection "For Such a Time as This (Esther 4:14) - Deborah Larmour
Presentation: Stewardship of Divine Gifts: A Christian Way of Life - Fr. Andrew Onuferko
Eparchy of Saskatoon Financial Presentation - Adrian Olenick
Not Closing You Down - Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky
Parish Stories - Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky
RUBRIC: Establishing Pastoral District Council - Marusia Kobrynsky
Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon - Demographic - Statistic Presentation - Nestor Haliasto