Church of the Holy Eucharist constructed 1965-1966 in Cudworth; R.M.401.

CUDWORTH — The church of the Holy Eucharist is the second church of the parish.

The first church was constructed in 1928 on a three acre site in southerly Cudworth. It was a rectangular wooden structure with two towers apexed by cupolas;

the interior was artistically decorated by Paul Zabolotny and contained the main altar and two small traditionally dedicated side altars. Construction totalled $8,000 in costs and was carried out by parish volunteers under the foremanship ofHrynko (Harry) Borys. In 1964, as a result of old electrical wiring, the church interior was completely destroyed by fire. Construction of the present church began in 1965 and was completed in 1966, Bishop Andrew Roborecki blessed the corner-stone on June 11, 1967 and the church on July 20, 1969.

The present church, on the site of the original church, is a wood constructed rectangular structure which stands on a high concrete basement and measures 90 x 40 feet. Its gable roof is shingled and contains a large decorative cross at its frontal summit; the exterior walls are finished in wood siding and contain rectangular windows. The church is north-south oriented with a south main entrance which is sheltered by a roof and has decorative wrought iron railings.

In the interior the church is finished in a combination of donnacona and wood panelling; the ceiling follows the exterior contour of the roof and is reinforced by supportive wooden beams at the side walls of the structure. The north rectangular sanctuary contains the main altar and has a U-shaped adjoining sacristy which continues completely around the sanctuary and has additional exits to the nave and the church grounds.

The base of the sanctuary walls is finished in donnacona, the upper wall areas are finished in red cedar panelling. Mounted on this panelling, directly behind the main altar, is the church patron painting of the Holy Eucharist; above it hangs a large metal cross with an image of the Crucified Christ painted in oils on metal; on corresponding sides of the cross are two silhouette figures of the Mother of God and St. John which were also done in oils on donnacona. These representations as well as the two framed nave paintings of the Holy Mother of God with the Christ Child and Christ the Teacher, which are found on corresponding sides of the sanctuary, are the artwork of Myron Levytsky.

Opposite the main altar, a choir loft extends above the vestibule and can be reached by a stairway at its east wall; a stairway to the church basement is also found here. At the west side of the vestibule is a special room for parents with small children and adjoining it are built-in confessionals which are entered from the nave. The church has a linoleum covered floor which is carpeted with a red carpet at the central aisle, the sanctuary area and in the sacristy; it contains wooden pews seating approx. 250 persons and has electricity, central gas heating and plumbing facilities. The church basement is finished and serves as a parish hall with kitchen facilities.

The church was constructed by a construction firm from Prince Albert at a total cost of $84,000; these costs were covered by private pledges, fire insurance funds received for the first church, and various fund raising projects organized by the local branch of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada. The selection of an appropriate architectural plan for the church as well as all finances and construction details were under the directorship of Rev. Jerome Lashkewich and the auspices of the parish executive and construction committee which consisted of: Bill Bodnarchuk, Steve Sabadash, Peter Stefaniuk, Nick Kindrachuk, Steve Pidskalny, Bill Diakiw and Nick Chelack. The church site was donated by Wasyi Sventak; the cemetery site, which is 300 feet from the church, was donated by Onufriy Shawaga.

The church site contains a wooden belfry constructed in 1928, a mission cross installed in 1937 and a memorial dating to 1955; the memorial is dedicated to the pioneers in the Cudworth district and was placed in commemoration of the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Ukraine and Saskatchewan’s Golden Jubilee. A short distance from the church stands the parish rectory which was constructed in 1944 and is the seat of the Cudworth pastoral district.

Ukrainian settlers arrived in this area in 1900 from the Borschchiv and Horodenka counties. Initially they founded the Transfiguration parish which was four and one-half miles south-west of Cudworth. Their move into Cudworth occurred somewhat later and the town parish was formed for practical reasons. The organizers of the parish, who were also members of the parish executive and thus responsible for the construction of the first church, were the following: Rev. Nestor Drohomyrecki, A. Kindrachuk, S. Werbicki, K. Yuzmenka, M. Stefan. iuk, H, Borys, W. Sventak, S. Mantyka and 1. Bendyga. Steve Kuzma served for many years as the cantor and choir director of the parish. Originating from this parish are Sr. Cornelia K. Mantyka, SMI and Sr. Monica M. Mantyka, SMI.

In the year of the construction of the first church the parish registered 32 families. During the construction of the present church the parish united 210 individual members while in 1975, 133 persons were accounted for. In 1976 the parish was under the directorship of: Rev. Lubomyr Ramach, pastor, Steve Pidskalny, Joseph Baraneski, Michael Slobodian, Bill Diakiw, Bill Komarnicki, Nellie Stefaniuk, Pauline Komarnicki, Mary Halabura, Anastasia Werbicki, Alice Symak and Michalene Zosiuk.

The Ukrainian Catholic parish of the Holy Eucharist at Cudworth is the seat of the Cudworth pastoral district with satellite parishes at Dana, Alvena, Alvena farms, Prud’homme, Prud’homme Borshchiv, the Shrine of Sorrow pilgrimage site with the chapel of St. Demetrius and, during their tenure, the parishes of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Carpenter Hory. Pastor for the district is Rev. Lubomyr Ramach.

Updated December 2020

The Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Eucharist, Cudworth, falls under the Deanery of Saskatoon, under the pastoral charge of the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Eucharist-Cudworth, which is included in the Cudworth District, with Reverend Mykola Romanets as Parish Administrator.

Cudworth Holy Eucharist Church and Cemetery

52°29’35.6″N 105°44’02.7″W

52.493217, -105.734089

Bulletins for Cudworth & District Parishes
Cudworth & District Parishes Information
Romanets, Rev. Mykola, Vice-Dean
Resides in Saskatoon:
1338 Stensrud Road
Saskatoon, SK S7W 0B9
Telephone: 306-978-2230:
Cell: 306-270-8628
Cudworth – Holy Eucharist 

District Parishes

Adamivko (Rosthern Farms) – Descent of the Holy Spirit
Alvena – St. Michael
Alvena Farms – Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary
Carpenter-Hory – Ascension
Humboldt – All Saints
Lanigan – Sacred Heart
Rosthern – Ss. Peter and Paul
Sokal – Holy Trinity
St. Julien – Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Tway – Ss. Peter and Paul
Wakaw – Sacred Heart

Deanery (Protopresbyterate) of Saskatoon


Kolosnjaji, Very Rev. Janko,  Vicar General, Chancellor, Rector, Dean,
Administrator - Cudworth District
Administrator -  North Battleford and Hafford District
Saskatoon, St. George's Cathedral 
210 Avenue M South, Saskatoon, SK S7M 2K4;  
Telephone: (Office) 306-664-2301;  (Res) 306-244-2604 
Cell: 306-370-2866; (Rectory Office) 306-664-3459 

Yamniuk, Deacon Myron
Telephone: 306-374-4535
Saskatoon Redemptorist Fathers
Saskatoon, Ss. Peter and Paul 
10th Street East and Munroe Avenue,
 (Church Auditorium) 306-343-0033;
(Res) 1202-11th St. East, Saskatoon, SK S7H 0G3
Telephone: (Office) 306-343-6516

Lukie, Rev. Raymond, CSsR, Pastor

Smolinski, Very Rev. Michael, CSsR, Assistant Pastor
Cell: 306-221-7577
Regional Superior-Yorkton Region of Province of Canada  Email:
Nahachewsky, Deacon Thomas
Telephone: Cell: 306-361-1555
Lalach, Rev. André, Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Dean
Saskatoon, Dormition of the Blessed Mother of God 
120-105th Street West, Saskatoon, SK S7N 1N2
Telephone:(Church) 306-652-4837; (Res) 306-477-1704; (Cell) 306-280-2941
Also Serves:

Kolosnjaji, Very Rev. Janko, Vicar General, Chancellor, Rector,
Administrator – Cudworth District
Administrator – North Battleford and Hafford District

North Battleford, All Saints
922-108th Street North Battleford, SK S9A 2A8
Tel.: (Office) 306-664-2301; Rectory Office: 306-664-3459
(Res) 306-244-2604
(Cell): 306-370-2866
Also Serves:


Kachur, Rev. Andrei
751-14th Street West, Prince Albert, SK. S6V 3L9

Telephone: (Rectory) 306-763-3645; Cell: 306-551-1512
(Church/Hall/Office) 306-763-5597;
 Fax: 306-763-5516
Also Serves:
Gronlid, St. Michael
Nipawin, All Saints
Samburg, St; John the Baptist

Salahub, Deacon Harrold 
3276 Bliss Crescent, Prince Albert, SK. S6V 7X7
Telephone: 306-980-9891  
List of Parishes

Albertown - Ss. Peter and Paul

Alticane - St. John the Baptist

Alvena Farms - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Alvena Town - St. Michael the Archangel

Antonivka - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Arran - St. John the Baptist

Arran-Vesna -Ss. Peter and Paul

Balcarres - Holy Eucharist (closed)

Bankend - Ascension of Our Lord (closed-no church)

Beaver Dale - Assumption of the BVM

Beckenham -Transfiguration of Our Lord

Bedfordville - St. Nicholas

Bienfait - Ss. Peter and Paul (closed)

Biggar - Sacred Heart (closed)

Birmingham - St. Paraskevia (closed-no church)

Blaine Lake - Our Lady of Perpetual Help (closed)

Bobulynci - Transfiguration of Our Lord

Bodnari - Ss. Peter and Paul

Borshchiv - Ss. Peter and Paul

Broadview - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Brooksby - St. Nicholas

Bruno - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Bruno Farms - Holy Trinity 

Buchach - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Buchanan - Descent of the Holy Ghost

Calder - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Candiac - Descent of the Holy Ghost 

Canora - Ss. Peter and Paul

Carpenter - Ascension of Our Lord 

Cecil - Holy Trinity (closed-no church)

Chaplin-Thunder Creek - Ss. Peter and Paul

Chekhiv - Descent of the Holy Ghost

Cudworth Farms -Transfiguration of Our Lord (closed-no church)

Cudworth - Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine

Cudworth Town - Holy Eucharist

Dana - St. John the Baptist (closed & sold)

Dobrowody - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dnipro (Dnieper) - Transfiguration of Our Lord 

Dysart - Holy Eucharist (closed-no church) 

Erwood - Blessed Virgin Mary of Succour (closed-no church)

Estevan - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed & sold)

Fenwood - Ss. Peter and Paul

Foam Lake - Holy Eucharist

Fosston - St. John the Baptist (closed-no church)

Glen Elder - Danbury - Holy Eucharist 

Glentworth - Assumption of the 

Goodeve Farms - Holy Trinity 

Goodeve Town - St. Michael the Archangel 

Grenfell - Ss. Peter and Paul

Gronlid - St. Michael

Guernsey - Holy Eucharist (closed-no church)

Hafford - Holy Eucharist

Havryliuke (Prud'homme) - Sacred Heart

Hazel Dell - Ss. Peter and Paul 

High Tor - Sacred Heart 

Hodgeville - Ss. Peter and Paul

Holar (Elfros) - St. Demetrius

Hryhoriv - St. Demetrius 

Hubbard - Holy Spirit

Hubbard - Exaltation of the Holy Cross - Closed

Hudson Bay - Holy Eucharist (closed & sold)

Humboldt- All Saints

Hyas Village - Descent of the Holy Spirit (closed-no church)

Insinger - St. Nicholas

Insinger Farms - Ss. Peter and Paul 

Invermay - Ss. Vladimir and Olga

Ituna - Sacred Heart

Janow Corners-Meath Park - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Jaroslaw - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Jasmin-Doroshi - Immaculate Conception (closed-no church)

Jasmin - Ss. Peter and Paul (closed-no church)

Jedburgh Village - Ss. Peter and Paul

Kamsack - St.Josaphat

Kelliher - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Closed

Kelliher - St.Vladimir the Great - Closed

Kindersley - St.John the Baptist (closed)

Kipling - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Kovalivka-Tiny - Transfigurartion of our Lord

Krasne - St. John Apostle the Theologian

Krydor - Sacred Heart

Kulykiv - Holy Eucharist (closed-no church)

Kuroki - Ss. Peter and Paul

Kyziv-Tiaziv - St. Demetrius

Lanigan Farms - Sacred Heart

Laniwci - St. Volodomyr (2016) - Ascension of our Lord

Lipton-Herzel - Dormition of Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

MacDowall - Descent of the Holy Spirit (closed-no church)

Madge Lake (Pelly) St. Michael Camp - Holy Eucharist Church (from Pelly)

Major - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Mamornitz - Virgin of Sorrows Ruthenian Church

Maybridge - St. Nicholas

Meacham - Ascension 

Meadow Lake - St. Catherine (closed & sold)

Melfort - Descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) [Decommisioned]

Melville - St.George the Martyr

Model Farm - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Montmartre - Ss. Peter and Paul

Moose Jaw - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Nipawin Farms/Silver Pine - Ascension 

Nipawin Town - All Saints

Nora - Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ (closed-no church)

Norquay - Sacred Heart

Norquay Farms - Holy Trinity (closed - no church)

North Battleford - All Saints

Olesha - Sacred Heart of Jesus

Ormside-Ss. Vladimir and Olga

Orolow - Descent of the Holy Spirit

Parkerview - St. Nicholas - Closed

Pelly-Holy Eucharist (closed - church moved to Madge Lake, St. Michael's Camp)

Peterson - Descent of the Holy Spirit (closed - sold)

Plain View - Descent of the Holy Spirit 

Podillia - Ss. Peter and Paul Cemetery - (closed-no church)

Ponass Lake - St. Michael the Archangel

Porcupine Plain - Ss. Peter and Pau (closed & sold)

Preeceville - Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Prince Albert - St. George

Prud'homme - St. John the Theologian

Radisson - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Rama - Saints Peter and Paul

Regina - St. Athanasius

Regina - St. Basil the Great

Roadside Chapel near Rosthern

Rose Valley - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Rosthern - SS. Peter and Paul

Rosthern Farms - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed)

Rosthern Farms-Adamivka - Descent of the Holy Spirit

Runnymede - Ss. Vladimir and Olga (closed-no church)

Samburg - St. John the Baptist

Saskatoon - Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God

Saskatoon - Ss. Peter & Paul

Saskatoon - St. George's Cathedral

Saskatoon - St. Volodymyr Villa Chapel

Sheho Farms - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sheho Village - Christ the King

Shipman Rural - Ss. Peter and Paul

Sich-Krydor - St. Michael's (closed-no church)

Smuts/Prymove - St. John the Baptist

Sokal - Holy Trinity

Speers - Ss. Peter and Paul

St. Julien - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Pokrov)

St. Philip's - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Stenen - St. Nicholas (closed-no church)

Stornoway Cemetery (closed-no church)

Stove Creek - St. Elias (closed-no church)

Swan Plain - Ascension

Swift Current - St. John the Baptist (closed & sold)

Tadmore - St. John the Baptist

Thunder Creek - Ss. Peter and Paul

Tribune - Holy Family

Tuffnell Village - Holy Trinity (Decommissioned)

Tway Farms - St. Paraskevia (closed-no church)

Tway Town - Ss. Peter and Paul

Uhryniv - St. Nicholas 

Ukrainian Park - Pike Lake - St. Volodymyr Memorial Church

Vasyliw - Ss. Constantine and Helena

Verigin - St. Nicholas (closed-no church)

Vonda - Sacred Heart

Wadena - Descent of the Holy Spirt

Wakaw - Sacred Heart

Watrous - Holy Mother of God (closed-no church)

Watson - St. George (closed-no church)

Weekes - St. Nicholas 

Welechko - Presenation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Weyburn - Holy Trinity

Whitebeech - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Whitesand - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Whitkow - Ascension of Our Lord 

Willowbrook - Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Wishart Farms - St. Michael the Archangel 

Wishart Town - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Wolverine - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Wroxton-Farms - Ss. Vladimir and Olga

Wroxton-Village - Ss. Peter and Paul (closed-no church)

Wynyard - Sacred Heart

Yellow Creek - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Yorkton - Our Lady of Perpetual Help (St. Mary's)

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