Church of the Sacred Heart constructed 1963 in north-westerly Ituna; R.M. 246.

ITUNA — The church of the Sacred Heart is the second church of the parish.

The parishioners constructed the first church in 1919 on a three acre site in the north-westerly outskirts of Ituna. The church was a wooden structure with domes above two frontal towers; it was constructed under the foremanship of Semen Kowbel and artistically decorated in 1940 by Paul Zabolotny, Bishop Nicetas Budka visited the parish on several occasions and blessed the church in 1920. The church served the parish for forty-four years; in 1963 it was replaced by a new church structure. The cornerstone of the new church was blessed November 18, 1973, by Rev. Mitrat Onufrey Pasichniak, Rev. Superior Paul Maluga and Rev. Nestor Hodowany, CSSR, pastor of the parish.

The parish was honoured with many episcopal visitations. On September 26 and 27, 1921, the faithful welcomed the Servant of God Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. In 1929 visits were made by Bishop V. Tachok, bishop of Ukrainians from Carpathian Ukraine in North America, and Bishop Constantine Bohachevsky, bishop of Ukrainians in North America. Beginning in 1930, the Archbishop of Ukrainians in Canada, Basil Ladyka came on several occasions. Beginning in 1951, the Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Ukrainians in Canada, Maxime Hermaniuk also visited the parish several times; Metropolitan Maxime Hermaniuk is the first Metropolitan from the Congregation of the Redemptorist Fathers. Also beginning in 1951, Bishop Andrew Roborecki, Bishop of Saskatoon, has visited the parish almost annually, particularly on the feastday of the church patron. The parish also hosted the Bishop Confessor Cardinal Patriarch Josyf Slipyj who celebrated Divine Liturgy in the church on July 11, 1968.

The church is a steel, concrete and brick cruciform structure on a low concrete basement measuring 143 x 73 feet with three stylistic domes; the domes are constructed of fiberglass in the form of cracked demi-spheres apexed by crosses; a large dome is located centrally above the axis of the intersecting arms, two smaller domes are above the front towers. The north and south longitudinal walls of the church contain vertical narrow stained glass windows; these extend almost to the full height of the walls. A series of small rectangular windows joined by white framing stretches horizontally across the upper wall areas. The continuity of this horizontal series is broken by five massive beams, which support the wooden ceiling and roof, reinforced . by a suitable foundation wall at the base of the church structure. The exterior beams, and the framing around the roof and windows, are painted white. This creates a very modern decorative effect on both the church and chapel which joins the church structure to the monastery.

The church is west-east oriented. Its east main entrance and vestibule are reached by low concrete steps; the vestibule has north and south exits to the church grounds and access to washrooms located at the bases of the towers. A large choir loft, seating approx. 100 persons, is situated above the vestibule and part of the nave; built-in confessionals are located beneath the south side of the choir loft and a room for parents with small children is beneath the north side. The small rectangular sanctuary with the main altar and north and south adjoining sacristies is in the west arm of the church structure; the north sacristy leads to the monastery which adjoins the church. The nave, or house of the faithful, is spacious and contains wooden pews seating approx. 600 persons on corresponding sides of the tetrapod; a raised pulpit is at its south side. The floor is covered with linoleum, the central aisle and sanctuary are carpeted. The interior ceiling is almost flat and follows the exterior contour of the roof. Originally the central area of the church was dominated by the open dome and was illuminated with sunshine; due to water seepage, the dome is now enclosed. The church contains a large church patron painting and paintings of the Holy Mother of God and Christ the Redeemer; these were done in oil on canvas by Roman Kowal (refer to color photographs). Electrical lighting, central gas heating and plumbing facilities are contained in the church structure.

The parishioners constructed the church at a cost of over $200,000 and also assisted voluntarily in various areas of the construction. The plan of the church was drafted by the architectural firm Tinos Kortes; construction was carried out under the foremanship of Wasyi (William) Buchko.

Near the church the site contains the Redemptorist Fathers’ monastery and the “Christ Who Loves Mankind” parish hall which was constructed m 1973. This is the third parish hall; the first was constructed m 1927, the second in 1936. Across the road, directly opposite the church, stands the convent of the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate and the St. Ann’s Children’s Home. The parish cemetery is a short distance from the church.

Ukrainian settlement in this area began in 1905 predominantly from the Stryi county. The founding members of the parish were: Rev. L. Van den Bosch, CSSR, S. Krywulak, S. Pawliw, 0. Tkatch, Y. Win-nisky, Yosyf Winnisky, Jr., H. Karchut, Mykh. Mudry, M. Klimczak, Iv. Klimczak, Zborovsky, Y. Hryciw, Iv. Lozinski, N. Korchinski(y), P. Nayko, C. Zola, Berna-kewich, Iv. Wingerak, Iv. Shymko, Y. Krushelnicki (Krushelniski), A. Krushelnicki, Iv. Korinetz, M. Leon-towich, N. Lozinski, Iv. Tsikalo, T. Tkatch, Iv. Pawliw, 0. Bryksa, Loyek, D. Shabel, 0. Kowal, P. Hrycewich (Hrychewich), Shul, 0. Bryck, M. Pasechny, Yu. Moskal, K. Pshyk, Iv. Kitela, M. Duschak, L. Korchins-ki, Iv. Yu. Lozinski, and Iv. Semenovsky.

Since its beginnings, the parish has been under the pastoral charge of the Redemptorist Fathers. The first holy services were held in private homes and, from 1915 to the construction of the church, in a local hotel which stood vacant. Initially the Redemptorist Fathers commuted from Yorkton. In 1919 through the efforts of Rev. Achille Delaere. the Redemptorist Fathers constructed their first home in Ituna and began residing there. In 1949-1950, during the pastorate of the Rev. Provincial Maxime Hermaniuk and Rev. Superior Dmytro Hawryliuk, a new spacious monastery-home was constructed which, to present date, became the Redemptorist Fathers’ permanent residence. In 1954 through the efforts of Rev. Superior Stephen Bach-talowsky an iconostas was installed in the monastery chapel (refer to Chapels).

The Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate arrived in Ituna in 1920. They immediately established a day school and orphanage. In 1938 with the leadership of Rev. John Bala and the assistance of the faithful, the Sisters constructed the combined Convent and St. Ann’s Children’s Home which for many years also served as an elementary school. With the arrival of the Redemptorist Fathers and Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate, the religious and educational life of the faithful was strengthened as indicated by the large number of participants at parish celebrations; the feastday of the church patron annually drew approx. two thousand faithful while on July 8-15, 1951, Rev. Missionary Gregory Shyshkowych directed an impressive Holy Mission for the parish and district. The parish was blessed with many vocations. Rev. Basil Orusky originated from this parish as did the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate: Sr. Mary Nicholas Fedor, Sr. Dorothy Sophie Korchynsky, Sr. Justine Adrianne Kowal and Sr. Metrophane Anne Uchach.

The parish was founded in 1919 by 42 families, in 1941 there were 88 member families with 350 children (Prop. Knyha); in 1961 there were 625 souls (Directory), in 1967, 210 families (questionnaire) and in 1975, 240 families were accounted for. In 1976 the parish was under directorship of: Rev. Superior Simeon Ivanochko,

CSSR, pastor, Cecil Krywulak, Edward Krushen, Mary Wingerak, Harry Holowatiuk, Olena (Emma) Parno and Leona Krywulak.

The Ukrainian Catholic parish of the Sacred Heart, Ituna, is the seat of the Ituna pastoral district with satellite parishes at: Benkenham, Stanyslavtsi, Birmingham, Goodeve, Goodeve farms, Fenwood, Hub-bard, Hubbard farms, Doroshi, Jasmin, Kelliher, Kel-liher farms, Balcarres, Lipton and, earlier, Stornoway. Pastors for the district are the Redemptorist Fathers:

Rev. Gregory Shyshkowych, Rev. Peter Staciak and Rev. Simeon Ivanochko, Superior.

Ituna Sacred Heart Church

51°10’26.1″N 103°29’48.8″W

51.173925, -103.496889

Ituna Sacred Heart Cemetery

51°10’36.8″N 103°29’46.3″W

51.176886, -103.496186

Ituna and Wynyard District Bulletins

Deanery (Protopresbyterate) of Yorkton-Regina

DEANERY (Protopresbyterate) OF YORKTON

Simko, Rev. Ivan, Administrator
Canora, Ss. Peter and Paul (Res)
Box 1137, Canora, SK S0A 0L0
Telephone: (Res) 306-563-5148
Cell: 306-717-8958

Also Serves:
Arran–Vesna, Ss. Peter & Paul
Benito, MB – Descent of the Holy Spirit
Buchanan, Descent of the Holy Spirit
Dnieper, Transfiguration
Dobrowody, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Hudson Bay, Holy Eucharist Parish
Invermay, Ss. Vladimir and Olga
Kamsack, St. Josaphat
Norquay, Sacred Heart
Preeceville, Transfiguration of Our Lord
Rama, Ss. Peter and Paul
Swan River, MB – Ascension of Our Lord

Stephaniuk, Rev. Jeffrey, Administrator
Wynyard, Sacred Heart
Box 728
Wynyard, SK S0A 1N0
Telephone: 306-560-8885
Also Serves:

Beckenham, Transfiguration
Bedfordville (Stanyslavsti), St. Nicholas
Fenwood, Ss. Peter & Paul
Foam Lake, Holy Eucharist
Goodeve Farm, Holy Trinity
Goodeve Town, St. Michael
Holar, St. Demetrius
Hubbard, Holy Spirit
Krasne, St. John Bohoslow
Kuroki, Ss. Peter & Paul
Lanigan, Sacred Heart
Model Farm, Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sheho Farms, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Wishart Farms, St. Michael
Wishart Town, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Malowany, Rev. Basil, Vice-Dean - Deanery of Yorkton; Administrator: Yorkton District 
155 Catherine Street, Yorkton, SK S3N 0B9
Our Lady of Perpetual Help (St. Mary's)
Telephone: 306-783-4594; Cell: 306-540-5102

Beaverdale, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Bobulynci, Transfiguration
Calder, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Insinger, St. Nicholas
Ituna, Sacred Heart
Melville, St. George
Wadena, Holy Spirit
Whitesand, Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Willowbrook, Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Tymishak, Very Rev. Vasyl, Chancellor, Dean of Deanery of Yorkton;
Administrator: Regina-St. Athanasius-Moose Jaw District
Regina, St. Athanasius
(Res) 55 McMurchy Avenue, Regina, SK S4R 3G4
Telephone: Office: 306-543-8008; Cell: 306-519-9030

Chaplin-Thunder Creek, Ss. Peter & Paul
Glentworth, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Hodgeville, Ss. Peter & Paul
Moose Jaw, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dungen, Rev. Warren 
Administrator: Regina-St. Basil's Montmartre District
Regina, St. Basil
(Res) 1747 Toronto Street, Regina, SK S4P 1M5
Telephone: (Res) 306-522-7767; Cell: 306-590-7900
Candiac, Holy Spirit
Grenfell, Ss. Peter and Paul
Montmartre, Ss. Peter and Paul
Tribune, Holy Family
Weyburn, Blessed (Holy) Trinity
List of Parishes

Albertown - Ss. Peter and Paul

Alticane - St. John the Baptist

Alvena Farms - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Alvena Town - St. Michael the Archangel

Antonivka - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Arran - St. John the Baptist

Arran-Vesna -Ss. Peter and Paul

Balcarres - Holy Eucharist (closed)

Bankend - Ascension of Our Lord (closed-no church)

Beaver Dale - Assumption of the BVM

Beckenham -Transfiguration of Our Lord

Bedfordville - St. Nicholas

Bienfait - Ss. Peter and Paul (closed)

Biggar - Sacred Heart (closed)

Birmingham - St. Paraskevia (closed-no church)

Blaine Lake - Our Lady of Perpetual Help (closed)

Bobulynci - Transfiguration of Our Lord

Bodnari - Ss. Peter and Paul

Borshchiv - Ss. Peter and Paul

Broadview - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Brooksby - St. Nicholas

Bruno - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Bruno Farms - Holy Trinity 

Buchach - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Buchanan - Descent of the Holy Ghost

Calder - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Candiac - Descent of the Holy Ghost 

Canora - Ss. Peter and Paul

Carpenter - Ascension of Our Lord 

Cecil - Holy Trinity (closed-no church)

Chaplin-Thunder Creek - Ss. Peter and Paul

Chekhiv - Descent of the Holy Ghost

Cudworth Farms -Transfiguration of Our Lord (closed-no church)

Cudworth - Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine

Cudworth Town - Holy Eucharist

Dana - St. John the Baptist (closed & sold)

Dobrowody - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dnipro (Dnieper) - Transfiguration of Our Lord 

Dysart - Holy Eucharist (closed-no church) 

Erwood - Blessed Virgin Mary of Succour (closed-no church)

Estevan - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed & sold)

Fenwood - Ss. Peter and Paul

Foam Lake - Holy Eucharist

Fosston - St. John the Baptist (closed-no church)

Glen Elder - Danbury - Holy Eucharist 

Glentworth - Assumption of the 

Goodeve Farms - Holy Trinity 

Goodeve Town - St. Michael the Archangel 

Grenfell - Ss. Peter and Paul

Gronlid - St. Michael

Guernsey - Holy Eucharist (closed-no church)

Hafford - Holy Eucharist

Havryliuke (Prud'homme) - Sacred Heart

Hazel Dell - Ss. Peter and Paul 

High Tor - Sacred Heart 

Hodgeville - Ss. Peter and Paul

Holar (Elfros) - St. Demetrius

Hryhoriv - St. Demetrius 

Hubbard - Holy Spirit

Hubbard - Exaltation of the Holy Cross - Closed

Hudson Bay - Holy Eucharist (closed & sold)

Humboldt- All Saints

Hyas Village - Descent of the Holy Spirit (closed-no church)

Insinger - St. Nicholas

Insinger Farms - Ss. Peter and Paul 

Invermay - Ss. Vladimir and Olga

Ituna - Sacred Heart

Janow Corners-Meath Park - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Jaroslaw - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Jasmin-Doroshi - Immaculate Conception (closed-no church)

Jasmin - Ss. Peter and Paul (closed-no church)

Jedburgh Village - Ss. Peter and Paul

Kamsack - St.Josaphat

Kelliher - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Closed

Kelliher - St.Vladimir the Great - Closed

Kindersley - St.John the Baptist (Closed-No Church)

Kipling - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Kovalivka-Tiny - Transfigurartion of our Lord

Krasne - St. John Apostle the Theologian

Krydor - Sacred Heart

Kulykiv - Holy Eucharist (closed-no church)

Kuroki - Ss. Peter and Paul

Kyziv-Tiaziv - St. Demetrius

Lanigan Farms - Sacred Heart

Laniwci - St. Volodomyr (2016) - Ascension of our Lord

Lipton-Herzel - Dormition of Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

MacDowall - Descent of the Holy Spirit (closed-no church)

Madge Lake (Pelly) St. Michael Camp - Holy Eucharist Church (from Pelly)

Major - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Mamornitz - Virgin of Sorrows Ruthenian Church

Maybridge - St. Nicholas

Meacham - Ascension 

Meadow Lake - St. Catherine (closed & sold)

Melfort - Descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) [Decommisioned]

Melville - St.George the Martyr

Model Farm - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Montmartre - Ss. Peter and Paul

Moose Jaw - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Nipawin Farms/Silver Pine - Ascension 

Nipawin Town - All Saints

Nora - Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ (closed-no church)

Norquay - Sacred Heart

Norquay Farms - Holy Trinity (closed - no church)

North Battleford - All Saints

Olesha - Sacred Heart of Jesus

Ormside-Ss. Vladimir and Olga

Orolow - Descent of the Holy Spirit

Parkerview - St. Nicholas - Closed

Pelly-Holy Eucharist (closed - church moved to Madge Lake, St. Michael's Camp)

Peterson - Descent of the Holy Spirit (closed - sold)

Plain View - Descent of the Holy Spirit 

Ponass Lake - St. Michael the Archangel

Porcupine Plain - Ss. Peter and Pau (closed & sold)

Preeceville - Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Prince Albert - St. George

Prud'homme - St. John the Theologian

Radisson - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Rama - Saints Peter and Paul

Regina - St. Athanasius

Regina - St. Basil the Great

Roadside Chapel near Rosthern

Rose Valley - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Rosthern - SS. Peter and Paul

Rosthern Farms - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed)

Rosthern Farms-Adamivka - Descent of the Holy Spirit

Runnymede - Ss. Vladimir and Olga (closed-no church)

Samburg - St. John the Baptist

Saskatoon - Dormition of the Blessed Mother of God

Saskatoon - Ss. Peter & Paul

Saskatoon - St. Volodymyr Villa Chapel

Saskatoon - Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of St. George

Saskatoon - Ukrainian Park - Pike Lake - St. Volodymyr Memorial Church

Sheho Farms - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sheho Village - Christ the King

Shipman Rural - Ss. Peter and Paul

Sich-Krydor - St. Michael's (Demolished 2018; Cemetery only)

Smuts/Prymove - St. John the Baptist

Sokal - Holy Trinity

Speers - Ss. Peter and Paul

St. Julien - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Pokrov)

St. Philip's - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (closed-no church)

Stenen - St. Nicholas (closed-no church)

Stornoway Cemetery (closed-no church)

Stove Creek - St. Elias (closed-no church)

Swan Plain - Ascension

Swift Current - St. John the Baptist (closed & sold)

Tadmore - St. John the Baptist

Tribune - Holy Family

Tuffnell Village - Holy Trinity (Decommissioned)

Tway Farms - St. Paraskevia (closed-no church)

Tway Town - Ss. Peter and Paul

Uhryniv - St. Nicholas 

Vasyliw - Ss. Constantine and Helena

Verigin - St. Nicholas (closed-no church)

Vonda - Sacred Heart

Wadena - Descent of the Holy Spirit

Wakaw - Sacred Heart

Watrous - Holy Mother of God (closed-no church)

Watson - St. George (closed-no church)

Weekes - St. Nicholas 

Welechko - Presenation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Weyburn - Holy Trinity

Whitebeech - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Whitesand - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Whitkow - Ascension of Our Lord 

Willowbrook - Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Wishart Farms - St. Michael the Archangel 

Wishart Town - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Wolverine - Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Wroxton-Farms - Ss. Vladimir and Olga

Wroxton-Village - Ss. Peter and Paul (closed-no church)

Wynyard - Sacred Heart

Yellow Creek - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (No church; cemetery only)

Yorkton - Our Lady of Perpetual Help (St. Mary's)