Tway Town – Ss. Peter and Paul


Church of the Holy Apostles SS. Peter and Paul constructed 1947 in northerly Tway; R.M. 430.

TWAY — The church of SS. Peter and Paul is the first church of the parish.

The church was constructed in 1947 on a four acre site in northerly Tway. The first Divine Liturgy in the church was celebrated by Rev. Cyryl Lotocki. Bishop Andrew Roborecki blessed the church on July 12, 1955.

The church stands on a high concrete basement and is a wood constructed rectangular structure, 66 x 30 feet, with two frontal towers apexed by small cupolas. The walls are finished in asbestos board siding and contain fifteen rectangular windows which are of uniform size and have semicircular tops. The church structure has a shingled gable roof while the two front towers have pyramidal roofs apexed by blind drums with white sheet metal domes and crosses. Both towers contain triple in depth windows giving a niche effect; the west front entrance is sheltered by a precast concrete molding giving the same niche effect. Entry is directly into the nave, as the church does not have a vestibule, and immediately at its right are stairways leading to the choir loft and the church basement. Built-in confessionals are also found along the north wall just beneath the stairway leading to the choir loft.

The east sanctuary is elevated and, as in other churches, contains the main altar, prothesis and the church patron painting behind the main altar. Adjoining the sanctuary, at the north and south, are sacristies with the north sacristy also exiting to the church grounds. Two large nave icons, which are hung on corresponding sides of the sanctuary, portray the Holy Mother of God with the Christ Child and Christ the Teacher. The church patron icon and the two nave icons are done in the oil on canvas technique and were painted in 1960 by the artist Theodore Baran.

At the center of the church directly before the main altar stands the tetrapod containing a cross, a picture of the Mother of God, and candles. Rows of wooden pews seating approx. 120 persons are found on corresponding sides of the tetrapod. The base of the interior walls has hardboard finishing, all remaining wall areas including the vaulted ceiling are finished in donnacona and are pianted a light color. The church floor is covered with linoleum; the central aisle and sanctuary are carpeted. Lighting is by electricity and central heating by oil. The church basement contains various rooms for the organizational needs of the parish. An additional entry into the church basement is from the south side of the church grounds through the base of the tower.

The church was constructed by the parishioners through their financial contributions and voluntary labour. Total construction costs were $10,000; construction was carried out under the foremanship of Nykola (Nick) Steciuk. The four acre church site was purchased for $400.

Near the church stands a wooden cross commemorating the Holy Mission of 1946. The wooden post bell tower nearby contains the bell which the parish imported from France in 1950 for $430. The parish cemetery lies in continuation of the parish property.

Ukrainian settlement began in this area in 1899 with settlers from the Radekhiv and Horodenka counties. Initially the settlers established the parish of St. Paraskevia, two miles west of Tway. Their move into Tway occurred somewhat later. The first pastors to serve the Tway parish were: Rev. Anthony Simbalist, Rev. Cyryl Lotocki and the pastor of many years Rev. Jerome Lashkewich. During their pastorships the parish was organized and construction of the church was initiated and completed.

The parish was founded in 1937 by 20 families. In 1961 there were 75 souls (Directory), in 1967, 110 souls and in 1975, 23 families and 12 single members were accounted for (questionnaire). In 1976 the parish was under the directorship of: Rev. Lubomyr Ramach, acting pastor, Dmytro Oranchuk, Eugene Kowal, Joseph Stadnyk, Ksenya Wojcichowsky, Eugenia Marko, Sophie Kostyna, Fruzyna Doktor, Eva Stadnyk, Mary Gulansky, Peter Sarchuk, Paul Shulhan and John Oranchuk.

The Ukrainian Catholic parish of SS. Peter and Paul at Tway is under the pastoral charge of Wakaw.




Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Parish

Tway, Saskatchewan

September 2003 Update

As written previously, the built-in confessionals were to be found just beneath the stairway leading to the choir loft.  This did not materialize.  Confessions are done in the north sacristy.

It was realized as years went by, that due to the moisture in the area, the walls of the church basement were starting to deteriorate.  In 1992, the committee began what was to be a long process of fund raising, for moving the church to a new foundation.  Thus trips to Prince Albert for monthly bingos started.

     In 1997, after standing for 50 years, the church was moved just several meters south of it’s location, to a new foundation.  It now stands on a concrete foundation with concrete piles.  The basement has been eliminated with only a crawl space beneath it.  Entrance to the crawl space remains from the back of the church via the existing basement door, as well as through an outside entrance from the east side of the church.  It is deep enough to house the gas furnace, which at this time replaced the old oil furnace.

As funds permitted through continued bingos, in 1998 the concrete entrance steps, with a wheelchair ramp were built and new landscaping was done surrounding the church.  In 1999, along with donations from generous people across Canada, new doors and a canopy were added.  June of 2001 brought another major undertaking ~ the replacing of the weather beaten shingles with blue metal roofing.  At the same time, the frames of the niche effect windows in the front towers were covered with a white coloured metal.

By 2002, it was a must to replace the windows.  The committee made a special request for donations suggesting ‘pay for one window in memory of your loved ones’.  The campaign was a great success.  Four windows were blocked off, two in front and one in each sacristy.  This left eleven windows that were replaced.  The windows remained the same style, except the semicircular tops are coloured.  A plaque of appreciation has been hung at the back of the church, indicating the donor’s name and the names of the individuals in who’s memory the donations were made.

Bingos are still being worked, with hopes of continuing our renovations with new siding outside and interior painting; both are badly needed.  Due to the small working membership (majority are elderly) the congregation is most grateful to some non-Catholics from our community, and catholic and non-catholic friends and relatives from other communities, who faithfully help us, work the bingos.  Thus, they are helping us to preserve our church for future generations, however small in number.

In the more recent years priests who have served us were:  Rev. Adam Pidwerbeski, Rev. L. Romanow, Rev. R. Ferenc and currently Rev. Vasyl Hnatkivsky.  Past cantors were Mr. Joseph Stadnyk, Mr. Paul Calyniuk and the present, Mrs. Mary Pidskalny.  Some committee members after the initial write up were:  Nick Steciuk, John Marko, Patricia Romanchuk, Eugene Kowalchuk and Evan Marko.  The current committee consists of:  Eugene Chyz, Lydia Gulansky and John Romanchuk.  There is no organized U.C.W.L., just some volunteer hard-working women.

Our membership had decreased, but with the determined restoration of our church, we have an increase.  Families who left the area, now inspired, are becoming members and support the church, with a desire to return to their roots for their final resting place.  Membership now stands at 22.

Our church still has one mass per month, year round.  With the closure of Wakaw Rectory and no resident priest there, our pastoral services are from Cudworth again, as they were when the church was built.

Tway Ss. Peter & Paul Church and Cemetery

52°44’22.8″N 105°26’15.5″W

52.739656, -105.437633

Bulletins for Cudworth - District Parishes

Cudworth and District Praznyks - 2017

Date - Calendar
(Gregorian- G; Julian -J)
Humboldt, All SaintsMay 22 (G)11:30 a.m.
Adamiwka, PentecostJune 4 (J)11:30 a.m.
Sokal, Holy GhostJune 5 (J)10:00 a.m.
Cudworth, Holy EucharistJune 18 (G)11:15 a.m.
Lanigan, Sacred HeartJune 28 (J)11:30 a.m.
Wakaw, Sacred Heart of JesusJuly 8 - (J)?
Tway, Sts. Peter and PaulJuly 9 (G)11:30 a.m.
Rosthern, Sts. Peter and PaulJuly 16 (J)11:15 a.m.
Carpenter (Hory) AscensionAugust 11 (J)11:30 a.m.
Alvena (Farms), Dormition BVMAugust 28 (J)10:00 a.m.
St. Julien, Patronage BVMOctober 14 (J)10:00 a.m.
Alvena, Archangel MichaelNovember 21 (J)10:00 a.m.

Prince Albert Protopresbyterate (Deanery)
Nahachewsky, Rev. Ivan, Dean - Prince Albert
Administrator - Humboldt, All Saints
Saskatoon, Eparchial Substitute Priest - Military Chaplain - Administrator-Humboldt, All Saints
132 Montreal Ave. South, Saskatoon, SK S7M 3K8
Telephone: (Cell) 306-961-1390
Kachur, Rev. Andrei
751-14th Street West, Prince Albert, SK. S6V 3L9

Telephone: (Rectory) 306-763-3645; Cell: 306-551-1512
(Church/Hall/Office) 306-763-5597;
 Fax: 306-763-5516
Also Serves:
Gronlid, St. Michael
Nipawin, All Saints
Samburg, St; John the Baptist

Salahub, Deacon Harrold 
3276 Bliss Crescent, Prince Albert, SK. S6V 7X7
Telephone: 306-980-9891  
Romanets, Rev. Mykola, Vice-Dean
Resides in Saskatoon:
1338 Stensrud Road Saskatoon, SK S7W 0B9
Telephone: 306-978-2230: Cell: 306-270-8628
Kolosnjaji, Very Rev. Janko, Vicar General, Chancellor, Rector,
Administrator – Cudworth District
Administrator – North Battleford and Hafford District

North Battleford, All Saints
922-108th Street North Battleford, SK S9A 2A8
Tel.: (Office) 306-664-2301; Rectory Office: 306-664-3459
(Res) 306-244-2604
(Cell): 306-370-2866
Also Serves:
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