We are again preparing to embark on the Annual Eparchial Appeal.  This year the Annual Eparchial Appeal will kick-off on April 13th/14th, 2024.

The theme of the 2024 Annual Eparchial Appeal will be Remember us, O Lord, …”. Through the efforts of the Annual Eparchial Appeal, we are asking God to remember us – to rejoin, to reconnect, to reattach us so that we can work together for the greater good of all in our Eparchy.  For, we are the Eparchy of Saskatoon.  We are all responsible for the health and well-being of the members of the Eparchy. God has given us gifts and His Blessings that will allow us to make good on responsibility.  The Annual Eparchial Appeal is an opportunity to come together as an Eparchy to serve each other, and your participation is crucial.

The Catholic Church, and by extension, our Eparchy, has the most important mission of any organization in world: to preach the soul-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Carrying on this mission, of course, takes earthly resources. Therefore, the future sustainability of our Ukrainian Catholic Faith in Saskatchewan is dependent on a fundraising effort through the Annual Eparchial Appeal. Most of the programs and services offered through the Eparchy cannot be offered by individual Parishes because of limited resources, both financial and human. That is why it is so critical that the Faithful of our Eparchy continue to collectively ensure that the Eparchy has the resources to provide these programs to the Faithfull and the Parishes by supporting the Annual Eparchial Appeal.

Within the next two weeks you will be receiving your Annual Eparchial Appeal Letter Package in the mail, which will contain detailed information on the various initiatives and programs supported by the 2024 Annual Eparchial Appeal.

Now more than ever, it is so important to feed the spiritual needs of all the people in the Eparchy. Let us follow Christ’s example to serve each other and our community.

If you have any questions regarding the Annual Eparchial Appeal or the Foundation itself, please contact the Foundation Office at 306-653-0138, ext 223.