Appeal for Donations for Catholic Missions in Canada

– Most Rev. Bishop Bryan Bayda, CSsR

Catholic Missions in Canada helps our Eparchy by supporting our programs such as the Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre (UCREC) programs, Youth Camps, Youth Programs, Campus Ministry, as well as financial assistance for several of our parishes with some of their major projects. The collection for Catholic Missions in Canada through our Eparchy is usually done during the month of October, but with the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, this was not able to happen.  Below is a letter to Bishop Bryan Bayda, CSsR from Rev. David Reilander, President of Catholic Missions in Canada, with an appeal for donations.

Dear Excellency,

As you unfortunately know, COVID-19 continues. I pray that you are safe and healthy. Our home missions are struggling, but I don’t need to tell you that. I am concerned about the people in our missions, but also worried about our donors, as some have succumbed to the virus. The Lord bless them and let their good deeds go before them that they may see His face.

Fundraising for our missions is harder because of lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings for places of worship. We depend on Diocesan/Eparchial collections and my preaching in parishes and conventions, which isn’t happening.

May I make a simple request? Only if it’s possible, could you increase your donation by $5 or $10?  My thinking is that our emergency needs must still be covered.  If you can help, our bishops would appreciate it. But only if you can for these are hard times.

Yours in Christ,

(Rev.) David Reilander, President

Your support and donation would be greatly appreciated.  You can make donation to Catholic Missions in Canada through your parish (if you are able to attend Divine Liturgies), by using the designated envelope that was with your church envelopes, or go directly to the website for Catholic Missions in Canada and make your online donation at

Thank you for your support for Catholic Missions in Canada

With prayers and blessings,

+Most Rev. Bryan J. Bayda, CSsR
Eparch, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon

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