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February 4, 2021

Fr. Joakim Rac

Box 1137

Canora, SK  S0A OLO


Fr. Vladimir Simunovic

1747 Toronto Street

Regina, SK  S4P 1M5


Fr. Basil Malowany

Box 340

Ituna, SK   S0A 1N0


Fr. Warren Dungen

Box 1628

Kamsack, SK  S0A 1S0


Letter of Appointments


Dear Fr. Joakim Rac, Fr. Vladimir Simunovic, Fr. Basil Malowany and Fr. Warren Dungen,

In reference to my letter of July 21, 2020, the intended appointments for September 1, 2020 were postponed. Recently, developments allow me with much more certainty to make appointments with effective dates.  Fr. Simunovic will return to the Eparchy of Križevci, Croatia where he is incardinated, since his bishop recalled him to serve in the eparchy there. Fr. Vladimir has been a wonderful addition to the Eparchy of Saskatoon since he arrived 9 years ago with his family in January of 2012 and he is most welcome to return if his bishop permits. Thus, I revoke Fr. Simunovic’s responsibilities in the Eparchy of Saskatoon effective February 15, 2021.

Fr. Warren is relieved of his responsibilities in the Kamsack District and parishes in Swan River and Benito, Manitoba.  I appoint Fr. Warren Dungen, effective February 15, 2021 until my revocation, as Administrator of St. Basil’s Parish in Regina as well as Administrator of Ss. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Montmartre and the other parishes in the Montmartre District, including: Candiac, Holy Spirit; Grenfell, Ss. Peter & Paul; Tribune, Holy Family; Weyburn, Holy Trinity, with all the faculties, duties, rights and privileges in accordance with the CCEO.

Now, in addition to his responsibilities in Canora,  I appoint Fr. Joakim Rac, effective March 1, 2021 until my revocation, as Pastor of St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Parish in Kamsack, SK and the missions belonging to the Kamsack District, including: Arran-Vesna, Ss Peter & Paul; Arran, St. John the Baptist; Dnieper, Transfiguration of Our Lord; Glen Elder, Holy Eucharist: Norquay, Sacred Heart;  Whitebeech, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Maybridge, St. Nicholas; Swan Plain, Ascension of Our Lord; Madge Lake, Holy Eucharist and chaplain of St. Michael’s Camp, and cemeteries of Pelly, St. Philips, Stenen, Veregin, Runnymede, Ormside,  with all the faculties, duties, rights and privileges in accordance with the CCEO.  Keep in mind Fr. Joakim  will fulfill the current but temporary ministry arrangements of serving the Ukrainian Catholic Faithful in Swan River and Benito, MB which is reviewed periodically with Metropolitan Lawrence of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg. I will begin discussions with the Metropolitan to discontinue the services offered in Manitoba to take effect at a future date.

Certain parishes and cemeteries that were also part of the Kamsack District will now become part of the Ituna-Wynyard District. Therefore, I appoint Fr. Basil Malowany, effective March 1, 2021 until my revocation,  as Administrator of the parishes of Kuroki, Ss. Peter and Paul;  and Wadena, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Bobulynci, Transfiguration of Our Lord; Ponass Lake, St. Michael’s; and the cemeteries of Nora, Rose Valley, Watson and Fosston.

I am grateful for the above clergy, parish councils and faithful, who have served and continue to serve the church as Missionary Disciples according to their gifts. I pray these administrative changes during the pandemic reflect God’s Will as the spiritual and material needs of people change in the Eparchy of Saskatoon.

In Christ,

Bishop Bryan Bayda, CSsR
Eparch of the Eparchy of Saskatoon

cc.  Fr. Janko Kolosnjaji Vicar General and Chancellor

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