(Lottery License #LR18-0067)

The “Share the Spirit” 50/50 Lottery Draw concluded on December 19th, 2018 with the drawing of the winning 50/50 Lottery Ticket. The draw was supervised and conducted by Collins Barrow Chartered Professional Accountants.

The response to this Lottery was very good. There were 2,944 tickets sold which means that the gross ticket sales amounted to $58,880. The winning portion of the 50/50 draw was half of the $58,880 gross ticket sales, or $29,440The winner of this amount was Steve Schebel from Foam Lake SK.

In addition to the winner portion of the 50/50 draw, purchasers of the lottery ticket were able to designate a parish/mission or a designated Eparchial Organization to receive 25% of the ticket price, or $5.00 from each ticket sold.  Therefore, a parish/mission or the designated Eparchial Organization will receive $5.00 for each time they were named as the designated beneficiary on the ticket purchased. The total amount that will be apportioned among these organization will be $14,720.  For a complete list of the parishes/missions or designated Eparchial Organizations who received these funds please go to our website at  Cheques to these organizations will be going out next week.

In closing, we would like to extend a very huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who purchased these lottery tickets. Your support is very much gratefully appreciated, and we look forward to your participation and support next year.

PS:  If you have not yet returned your UNSOLD ticket book, please mail it in to the BBESSI Office, or bring it your Parish Office.  It is important to remember that under the Lottery License rules ALL tickets, SOLD OR UNSOLD must be returned to the BBESSI Office.

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