Christians Unite in Calling for Eco-Justice:  Season of Creation Declaration 2018



As Christians across denominational traditions, we come together once again during this year’s Season of Creation filled with gratitude for God’s gift of life. We recognize that we humans are part of God’s creation. We celebrate the diversity, beauty and mutual sustenance of all creation, intended by God to live in just relationships.


Our world in crisis

We live in a time when all of creation is facing major existential threats. The way we have built our economies and societies has led to incalculable harm to the plants and animals with whom we share the Earth and to us in the human family as well. Rather than honouring our role as stewards of God’s garden, we have monetized life and sought profit from it, resulting in destruction of life for all. Our excessive production, consumption, extraction and greed have contributed to unprecedented levels of inequality, where only a few possess, controlling, massive amounts of resources and the vast majority have little or nothing at all to help them live in dignity. We have destroyed life and have willfully denied our Lord’s desire for fullness of life for all (John 10:10).

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