The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon joins the appeal of the Catholic Near-East Welfare Association (CNEWA), a Papal humanitarian aide society, in asking for donations in support of the people of Ukraine.

You can help today by giving alms, as we start our journey of the Great Fast, by giving at the link below.


The threat of complete invasion of Ukraine dominates the news headlines. CNEWA has developed a twofold response that you can support by donation:

1. You can support Caritas Ukraine in preparation for possible escalation of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Your donation to CNEWA will be used to equip local Caritas centres to welcome the displaced – purchase food, medicine, blankets, clothing etc.

2. You can support the Ukrainian Catholic Church in helping those directly affected by the conflict since 2014. Your donation will be used to assist families struggling to get the basics like food, health care
and psychological support.

Ukraine has been in a state of war since 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula and then occupied territories of eastern Ukraine, forcing the displacement of tens of thousands of people from their homes. An estimated 2.9 million people need immediate help, with more than half of them in serious need of medical attention. We are reaching out to you for help, if you are able.

Donate to Ukraine:


-Call 1-866-322-4441

-Send a cheque to: CNEWA Canada, 223 Main Street, Box 80, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1C4

Also, will you join us in praying for peace in Ukraine and throughout the world? Recently, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, led an international day of prayer for peace in Ukraine.



Catholic Near East Welfare Association was founded in 1926 by the pope. It’s a Papal Agency with the mission to support the Eastern Catholic churches in their many pastoral and humanitarian works.
Specifically in Ukraine, CNEWA has been helping the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to re-establish itself since Ukraine achieved its independence in 1991. Supported by the eparchies of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada, CNEWA has developed a solid program in Ukraine over the years. Its main partners on the ground are Ukrainian catholic University, Caritas Ukraine and the Patriarchal Curia of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.