Ref. # BB-2022 #009

Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!

April 21, 2022

To all clergy and staff of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon,

1. Effective Monday, March 16, 2022, the Government of the Province of Saskatchewan has announced the end of public masking requirements in most non-medical settings. We anticipate that local municipalities will follow the lead of the province in removing bylaws requiring masks, but you have to verify with the local health authority. Accordingly, our churches, halls and offices will also no longer require masking, unless stipulated otherwise by municipal authorities. (This change will be stressful for some members of our community and we ask that you continue to pastorally help those who are isolated, sick and afraid, as you have done throughout the pandemic. Some people will still want to wear masks in churches and offices, and they should not be discouraged from doing so).
2. Revoking the letter of March 13, 2020, on-line participation in Divine Liturgy is no longer considered a fulfillment of one’s obligation for Sundays and Feasts, with the exception of those in poor health, who would be unable to attend church in normal circumstances.
3. The use of individual chalices (for clergy) and individual spoons for distribution of Holy Communion is to continue until further notice.
4. Only non-contact veneration of icons and crosses (e.g. for the Sunday of the Cross) is permitted (i.e. no kissing of sacred objects) and it is to continue until further notice.
5. The use of hand sanitizer upon entry to the church and/or parish hall remains a best-practice and is encouraged. Therefore, it is recommended that sanitizing stations remain in place and signage regarding use of hand sanitizer continue to be posted in parishes at this time.
6. Parishioners should be encouraged to continue self-screening for Covid-19 symptoms and stay home if they have any symptoms.

In Christ,

✠ Bryan Bayda, CSsR
Eparch of Saskatoon

Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky