Cudworth District: Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows

– Update and Invitation to next Meeting August 16, 2018

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

We, the Eparchy and stakeholders, recognize that this is holy ground.

The site has spiritual and historical significance and we will act to preserve this heritage.

The Stations of the Cross and the statues on the hill will be preserved on site to the best of our ability.

The foundation of the St. Demetrius church (brown siding) is structurally compromised.

We continue to discuss and consider many issues.

We have engaged many hours of work.

Here are chronological highlights of the recent months:

  • May 18, 2018 – Bishop Bryan visit on site and creation of committee;
  • May 22, 2018 – Committee tour of site and brainstorming;
  • June 4, 2018 – Stakeholders prayer, tour of site and meeting (Part 1) at Holy Eucharist Church in Cudworth;
  • July 12, 2018 – Stakeholders prayer and meeting (Part 2) at Holy Eucharist Church in Cudworth;
  • July 19, 2018 – Removal of Sacred Items to the Eparchial Sacred Items Catalogue;
  • Aug 2, 2018 – Subcommittee meeting on possible demolition plans and costs; and,
  • Aug 3, 2018 – Removal of the balance of the Sacred Items to the Eparchial Sacred Items Catalogue and to Holy Eucharist Church in Cudworth.

Next Stakeholders meeting will take place on Thursday, August 16 at 7:00 pm at Holy Eucharist Church in Cudworth. Everyone is invited to attend.

Other considerations:

  • We are trying to reduce the risk so we do not apologize for the temporary signage, danger tape and barricade.
  • 110 year anniversary of apparitions is next year (2019).
  • St. Demetrius Church’s original site still has an open basement (as for the last 60 years).
  • Do we have 15 or 20 acres? 20 is the answer.
  • Is there asbestos in the siding or shingles? To be determined.
  • We continue the work on statue restoration, grass cutting and general maintenance.
  • The main cross (and Christ’s body) on the hill was damaged in a wind storm and repairs are being investigated.
  • The entrance road is growing in with trees and needs to be trimmed.
  • Should we “reserve” the sacred items which are catalogued in the Eparchial System?
  • Large statues (Pieta and Christ in the tomb) and side altars are temporarily housed in at Holy Eucharist Church in Cudworth.
  • Could the old Cookery building be salvaged for needed storage?
  • Could/should the upper level of the White Chapel be salvaged?
  • More communication/information requested? – Please call Metro Hrabok at 306-280-3517 or better yet, come to the August 16 meeting —Thursday, August 16 – 7:00 pm at Holy Eucharist Church in Cudworth.


Just me, Fr. Ivan

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