Dormition Parish, Saskatoon:

Knights of Columbus

Drive-Thru Perogy Supper

Sunday, November 7th

– Pre-Orders ONLY!

The Knights of Columbus of the Dormition Parish, Saskatoon, have perogies to sell. We can’t do the “All You Can Eat” event in the basement like past years, so we decided to try a “DRIVE BY GET YOUR PEROGIES and EAT AT HOME NIGHT”. This will be Sunday, November 7, starting at 6 pm (after the 5 pm Liturgy).

We will have Ukrainian music playing for your entertainment while we run up and downstairs to serve you (likely just a speaker or maybe Loran Chrusch on the bandura if it’s not
freezing). We will be wearing masks and making this as safe as possible.

We are serving a sausage and 8 Perogies for $10 (with sour cream).

PRE-ORDERS ONLY – ONLINE at or by CALLING 306-241-3646.

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