Eparchial Youth & Young Adult Ministry Presents:

New Escape Room

Theme: “Servants of the Lord

What? How? You guys are crazy… and incredibly creative!!!

That’s what people say when we tell them we came up with a new, first ever Christian Escape Room in Saskatoon!

Just as Mary found her vocation by saying her “yes” to God, we want you to go through our escape room called “Servants of the Lord” and become one step closer to figuring out your own vocation! Will you be able to overcome all the challenges using logic, observation, creative thinking and teamwork in just one hour? We promise, you will not regret spending your time in a room full of mystery and fun!

Pilgrims of the World Youth Day 2019: Olena Simko, Veronica Lucas and Anna Marko, under the leadership of Viktoriia Marko, came up with this idea for people 14+! Bring your family and friends, this room is intended for 4 to 6 participants😊

Huge thank you to many other young people and the Eparchial Appeal for making this happen! Show us some support, we did it for you!

Note:  all the donations will go to the Eparchy of Saskatoon Youth Ministry

Time is ticking! We close in April, so hurry up!

Register at uwitness2youth@gmail.com; we can’t wait to see you!



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