Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Update
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The White Rose symbolizes our opposition to euthanasia (Link)
Australia and ‘assisted dying’ (Link).
Belgium’s euthanasia law criticized at UN Human Rights council (Link).
Donation to enable EPC to hire a summer student.

Join 15,000 people who have signed and shared the petition supporting conscience rights Bill C-268 (Link).

Become/renew my Euthanasia Prevention Coalition membership (Link).

Special. Buy the award winning Fatal Flaws film for $15 + tax (Link).

The Life-Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care will protect you (Link).

Sign the Declaration of Hope to oppose euthanasia (Link).

Thank you for your continued support.

Alex Schadenberg – Executive Director

Click here to order the Fatal Flaws DVD and companion pamphlet
Compassionate Community Care: Help regarding euthanasia and assisted suicide prevention: Call 1-855-675-8749. Click this image to go to the CCC website.
Link to the Real Estate for Life website: Find a Quality Realtor and Support our Ministry
Fatal Flaws on Vimeo
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