Vatican makes the way of the future clear

Just a few days ago, the Vatican breathed new life into the movement we share.

For the first time, all of the Vatican’s dicasteries––its ministries or departments––worked together to publish practical environmental guidelines that will guide the global Church for years to come.

This is big. It’s the first time ever that the Vatican has given the entire Church operational guidance to put Laudato Si’ into practice.

These guidelines are an opportunity to understand where the Vatican and all it serves are headed over the next few years: urgent, coordinated, Spirit-filled action for our common home.

The document highlighted “good practices” that help Catholics accelerate this work.

The Laudato Si’ Animators program is one of the Vatican’s “good practices.” Learn more by clicking here.

The Laudato Si’ Animators program has equipped thousands of people on six continents to become champions for Catholic action on climate change. Laudato Si’ Animators are the voice of change in their communities, bringing hope to life for the people they know and love.

Stand up for creation, and join the movement that stretches from the Vatican to your community–register now to join the next class of training to become a Laudato Si’ Animator.

The high-level conversation may be happening in Vatican City, but it’s up to all of us to bring Laudato Si’ to life in our local communities. If not us, who? Now is our time.

Training begins in July, so be sure to register now to reserve your spot. This course and all materials are offered absolutely free of charge, as part of our service to Catholic communities.

Lead in your community: Learn more about the Laudato Si’ Animator training and take action during the Season of Creation.


Tomás Insua

Executive Director

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