Easter Week Reflections

– Human & Environmental Development Program
– Dr. Lesya Sabada, Coordinator


  • Celebrate the new For the Easter Week, plan an outing in nature to rejoice in creation rather than consumption.
  • Meditate on the gift of Take a walk outdoors, contemplate the plants in your home, or simply close your eyes and focus on the feeling of sun and wind on your skin.
  • Capture your joy in Start a daily or weekly journal or photography project to reflect on how creation strengthens your spirit, how you see it changing, and how you will protect it.
  • Help others Contact your pastor to lead a nature walk or meditation in your parish.
  • Songs that praise the goodness of creation can help you connect with the joy of the creator. Sing a song about creation from your parish hymnal or family tradition.
  • Pledge to care for creation. Pledge to pray, act, and advocate for Learn more at LiveLaudatoSi: http://livelaudatosi.org/

Check out the:
– Anglican Communion Environmental Network: https://acen.anglicancommunion.org/

– Global Catholic Climate Movement: https://catholicclimatemovement.global/

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