Knights of Columbus: Documentaries on Blessed Michael McGivney,

Founder of the Knights of Columbus


This Lent, Knights of Columbus embarks on a campaign to share with Canadians the life and legacy of Blessed Michael McGivney – the humble and precocious parish priest who founded the lay-based order and who was declared Blessed by Pope Francis on October 31, 2020.

At a time when Canadians are spending more time than ever at home with close family members or trying to remain connected via media, these documentaries will prove useful to bring people together – at least in small groups at home or via web-based documentary “movie nights”!

Documentaries on Blessed Michael McGivney

Two new documentaries on Blessed Michael McGivney – A witness for our times, founder of Knights of Columbus

Known as ‘Apostle of Christian family’ and ‘Priest of the Beatitudes’, Father McGivney lived during turbulent times of discrimination and division – particularly difficult for Catholic families. Today, his legacy lives on thanks to the work of Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest community of lay Catholic men that he founded in 1882. Immerse yourself and your close ones this Lent into the virtues of prayer, holiness and charity through the life and legacy of this new Blessed in the Church – and learn about his historical and active links to the Canadian Church. Visit to plan your movie night.

Below are the links to the Trailers and Full Documentaries and Fact Sheet on Blessed Michael McGivney.

Blessed Michael McGivney – Trailer (1:40 mins)

Blessed Father Michael McGivney (27:30 minutes) is a two-part documentary that focuses in its first 19 minutes on the life of Michael J. McGivney, from his childhood as the son of Irish immigrants to his untimely death at 38, as well as his short time in seminary at Saint-Hyacinthe, just a short drive east of Montreal. The remaining nine minutes showcases the heartwarming story of Michael McGivney Schachle, a child with Down syndrome who was healed in utero from a fatal disease through the intercession of his namesake.

The second documentary, “Witness for the World” features some very nice footage from members/leaders of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, including His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk.

A Witness for the World – Trailer (2:26 mins)

A Witness for the World: The Global Impact of Blessed Michael McGivney (29:46 minutes), retraces the history of the Knights of Columbus and includes a contemporary view into the work of the order in countries like Ukraine, Mexico, Philippines, Poland and Canada, as well as interviews with Cardinal Gérald C. Lacroix, Archbishop of Quebec, Arcie Lim, Vancouver-based board member for the Knights of Columbus and David Peters, Ontario State Deputy with Knights of Columbus. From aiding children in war-torn Ukraine to the homeless in Vancouver, the documentary explores Father McGivney’s all-encompassing vision for an empowered laity, spiritual brotherhood, the rejuvenation of parish life and the transformation of communities through mutual love and charity.

Fact Sheet of Blessed Michael McGivney»»

About the Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is one of the world’s leading fraternal and service organizations with 2 million members in more than 16,000 parish-based councils. During the past year, Knights around the world donated more than 77 million service hours   and $187 million for worthy causes in their communities. The organization also offers extensive life insurance services to members and their families, resulting in more than $114 billion of life insurance in force. Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors offers investment services to individuals and institutions in accord with Catholic social teaching and has over $26 billion in assets under management. From helping children in need, to providing wheelchairs for the disabled, to helping stock food banks, to offering top-rated and affordable insurance products to its members, to creating a legacy of giving, the Knights of Columbus has supported families and communities for more than 138 years. To learn more please visit us at

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One of our goals, too, is to encourage persons from all over the world to join the Father Michael J. McGivney Guild. With resources in numerous languages, the Guild serves as a source for information about the life, works and spirituality of Father McGivney. We’d love to welcome many new members from your Eparchy.


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