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January 7, 2022


Christ is Born !                       Re: Arrival of Bishop Peter Stasiuk, CSsR


Dear Clergy, Religious and Faithful of the Eparchy of Saskatoon,

It is with some anticipation that we welcome Bishop Peter Stasiuk, CSsR recently from Melbourne, Australia to reside in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. God has gifted us with another of the Emeritus Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Like Bishop Emeritus Michael Wiwchar, CSsR, Bishop Peter belongs to the Ukrainian Redemptorists (1962) of the former Yorkton Province and has a long history of serving at St. Vladimir’s College as a teacher in the 70’s (just ask the alumni from that era) as well as Director for many years. (I was the interim director when he was appointed as bishop of Melbourne in 1993). Check out his Wikipedia page

Like Bishop Emeritus Michael, Bishop Emeritus Peter was known for his hockey coaching skills. They are in the Hall of Fame.1 Like Bishop Emeritus Michael who currently resides in Ituna, SK, Bishop Emeritus Peter was pastor there for many years and had an outstanding youth group (something like 95 students) whose choir/band cut two records, if my memory serves me correctly.

However, while in Australia for the last 27 years, Bishop Peter likely will be remembered by many for overseeing the development and publishing of the Ukrainian Catholic Catechism many of us are familiar with, known as Christ, Our Pascha. This took years of meetings and flights between Ukraine and Australia. Gathering numerous Theologians, scholars and editors was no small feat. Bishop Peter demonstrated great dedication and love for God.

Consequently, for the reasons I have listed above and for numerous other reasons this brief letter cannot contain, I invite everyone to welcome ‘home’ with open arms Bishop Emeritus Peter Stasiuk, CSsR (even though his birth place is just down the road from Yorkton, SK in the well-known town of Roblin, Manitoba). I guess his real home, or the real question is who he cheers for at a game, and I don’t mean Aussie Rules, Footie, AFL, or cricket or something….. that’s right, the real question is if he cheers for the Bombers or the Riders? Is he a resident of SK or is he at HOME?

All kidding aside, it is fitting and I am requesting clergy to include Bishop Peter in the acknowledgement of Bishops in the Eparchy of Saskatoon:  and “the God-loving Bishop Michael and the God-loving Bishop Peter.” This short letter does not do justice to the faithful of our Eparchy regarding the many merits of both of these bishops, their contributions to the UGCC, their combined wisdom over the years, and their eagerness to continue serving the faithful and the church today through their prayerful intercession and remarkable ministry as officially retired but hardworking servants of the church. Let us keep them in our prayers as they pray for us.


In Christ,

✠ Bryan Bayda, CSsR Eparch of Saskatoon


1   Hall of Fame in Roblin, Manitoba


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