Welcome to the LiveStream of our Liturgical Services at St. George’s Cathedral. 
We provide a “Continuous LiveStream Feed”, so all services are shown live as they take place.
Please see the listing of the weekly  liturgical services on the right-hand-side or view at  the cathedral bulletin link: https://cathedralsaskatoon.com/bulletin/

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Guidelines & Information for Attending Liturgical Services at  St. George’s Cathedral

  • Saskatchewan will be moving into Step 3 of the Re-Opening Roadmap on Sunday, July 11.

    1. Step 3 will not begin until Sunday morning, July 11. If you have services earlier on the weekend,
    please continue with Step 2 regulations until midnight. In step 2, the maximum number in attendance at
    an indoor or outdoor gathering is 150 persons. 2 metre distancing is still required. Masks are required
    indoors and advised outdoors. Food and drink may not be served. Contact tracing is still required.
    2. In step 3, the capacity limits and physical distancing will be removed. Masking will no longer be required. Food and drink may be served. Contact tracing is not required. All emergency restrictions will be lifted. The usual pre-pandemic fire, health, privacy, and labour codes remain in effect.
    Anyone with COVID symptoms is required to remain home and schedule a test. Isolate from others untiltest results are back. People with cold and flu symptoms are encouraged to remain home.
    It is expected that many people will continue to wear masks in public spaces. Please encourage this and make hand sanitizer available.
    Note: places of worship are allowed to require masks and other measures at your discretion.
    Please be aware that we will remain in a state of emergency for some time. Under the emergency declaration, the regional medical health officers have considerable authority to require additional measures to protect the health of the community. In the event that infection rates rise again, the Chief Medical Health Officer may reinstate the public health orders.

  • Fr. Janko Kolosnjaji, Vicar General, Chancellor of Saskatoon Eparchy


Please check parish bulletin for updates: https://cathedralsaskatoon.com/bulletin/

Цього Тижня в Катедральній Церкві / This Week in the Cathedral Parish
–  July 11 – 18, 2021

НЕДІЛЯ / SUNDAY, July 11th – 7th Sunday after Pentecost;  7-ма Неділя по Зіс. Св. Духа 
9:30 am Divine Liturgy for all Parishioners (Bilingual) – Свята Літургія за парафіян


8:00 am Divine Liturgy \ Св. Літургія (Bilingual)

8:00 am Divine Liturgy \ Св. Літургія (Bilingual)

THURSDAY – ЧЕТВЕР, July 15th – St. Equal to the Apostles, Vladimir; Св. Рівноапостола Володимирa
8:00 am Divine Liturgy \ Св. Літургія (Bilingual)

FRIDAY –  П’ЯТНИЦЯ – July 16th
8:00 am Divine Liturgy \ Св. Літургія (Bilingual)

SATURDAY –  СУБОТА – July 17th 
8:00 am Divine Liturgy \ Св. Літургія (Bilingual)

НЕДІЛЯ / SUNDAY, July 18th – 8th Sunday after Pentecost;  8-ма Неділя по Зіс. Св. Духа 
9:30 am Divine Liturgy for all Parishioners (Bilingual) – Свята Літургія за парафіян

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