Maryka’s Treasures Children’s Videos

by Maryka Chabluk from Winnipeg, MB:

Maryka’s Music, Movement and Crafts:

#1 – Metelyk – Butterfly;

#2: – Була собі Царівна – Тhe Princess and the Prince

Maryka Chabluk: With the Province of Manitoba’s generous support of the Safe at Home program along with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Manitoba Provincial Council (UCC-MPC) has made it possible for me to produce these exciting videos for you to share with your children for your family entertainment.


“Maryka’s Treasures: Maryka’s Music, Movement and Crafts #1 – Metelyk – Butterfly



Maryka’s Treasures: Maryka’s Music, Movement & Crafts #2 -Була собі Царівна – Тhe Princess and the Prince

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