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January 9, 2023

Christ is Born!

Dear Faithfull members of our Catholic Community,

Together with the Archdioceses of Regina and Keewatin Le Pas, the Dioceses of Saskatoon and Prince Albert, and of course our own Eparchy of Saskatoon, I am writing to you today asking that you consider supporting this year’s Vocation Endowment Campaign, a province-wide initiative lead by the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation in partnership with all Saskatchewan Bishops.

In support of the education and formation of seminarians, the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation established the “Vocations Endowment” in 2018. On an annual basis, earnings from the Endowment are distributed in equal amounts to each seminarian within all Saskatchewan Dioceses and Eparchy.

Prayerful and financial support for Vocations from all Catholics is very much needed and we appreciate it very much.

Having new seminarians answer the call to the Priesthood is one of the top priorities of the Eparchy. And with each seminarian there is a corresponding cost for education and formation. At present, our Eparchy budgets more than $30,000.00 per year for each of our Seminarians. While we do have various sources of funding available, the support provided through the Foundation is helpful to us in meeting the increasing costs. In 2021 and again in 2022 the Vocation Endowment provided each seminarian with a $4,000.00 bursary. About 12% of the overall cost.

The Knights of Columbus have a long and positive relationship with our faith community and each diocese. Their countless hours and tireless support as volunteers and advocates serving the mission of our church is important in many ways. As Saskatchewan Bishops, we are particularly thankful for their support offered through this campaign.

Each Parish within our Eparchy, as their means permit, is asked to partner with their local Knights of Columbus Council to promote and conduct this year’s campaign. Parishes province-wide will conduct the campaign during one weekend in the month of February, ideally one of the first two weekends. Father Warren Dungen has agreed to represent our Eparchy as a member of the provincial Vocations Endowment Steering Committee and assist in facilitating our communication process.

Sometime during the month of January, a representative from the local Knights of Columbus Council will ask to meet with the Parish Priest and/or Chair of the Pastoral Council to develop a campaign plan specific for your parish and all associate parishes served by that Parish Priest. The Sask K of C Charitable Foundation has asked that if a Parish Priest does not have a Knights of Columbus Council in any of the Parishes he serves, he should immediately contact Executive Director, Gerry Gieni by phone at (306) 631-1610, or by email at Likewise, if a Parish Priest and/or Parish Council has not been contacted by their local Knights of Columbus Council by January 23, the Priest or Pastoral Council Chair should contact Gerry Gieni. Provincial Sask K of C Foundation representatives will provide assistance with communicating with local Knights and planning for the Campaign.The Knights will provide further information and support materials for the campaign. They have also developed a video which provides information on the campaign.

It may be viewed at:

or Google Drive:

On behalf of myself and all Saskatchewan Bishops I invite your support for the efforts of Sask. Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation and this Vocations Endowment campaign. Your ongoing prayers and financial support for this initiative will be answered with the abundance of new seminarians and the education and development of future leaders of our Church.

++Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak OBSM Apostolic Administrator, Eparchy of Saskatoon

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