On Sunday, April 3, 2022, the faithful of Christ’s Church offer thanksgiving to the Lord for the 25 years of episcopal ministry of His Grace, Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, while asking the Lord to grant him many more blessed years of successful ministry over the “flock” entrusted to him by the Lord.

Most Reverend Lawrence Huculak began his service as a Bishop in 1997 for the Eparchy of Edmonton in Alberta. Since his appointment in 2006, he has been serving as the Archbishop of Winnipeg and the Metropolitan for Ukrainian Catholics across Canada.

His Grace, was born in Vernon, B.C. He entered the monastic Order of St. Basil the Great in Mundare, Alberta in 1969. He was ordained to the Priesthood in August 28, 1977. He achieved his Doctorate in Eastern Liturgical studies at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome in 1985. After years of pastoral life in parishes and ministries associated with different roles within his Order’s monasteries, as well as lecturing in institutions of higher learning, he was ordained to the episcopacy for the Edmonton Eparchy on April 3, 1997. He served as Bishop of Edmonton for eight years until his appointment to the Archeparchy of Winnipeg. He was installed as the Metropolitan-Archbishop of Winnipeg on February 11, 2006.

May our good Lord continue to bless Metropolitan Lawrence with health and happiness for many more years!

На Многая Літа!



The Episcopal Lineage of His Grace, Metropolitan Lawrence can be traced to other notable Bishops in the recent history of the church from the 16th Century (not all included)

Metropolitan Ipatij Potij † (1593), Archbishop of Kyiv-Halyč

Metropolitan Josyf Veliamyn Rutsky † (1613), Archbishop of Kyiv-Halyč

Metropolitan Leo Ślubičz Załęnski, O.S.B.M. † (1678), Archbishop of Kyiv-Halyč

Metropolitan Jurij Havryjil Vynnyc’kyj, O.S.B.M. † (1700), Archbishop of Kyiv-Halyč

Metropolitan Lev Kiszka, O.S.B.M. † (1711), Archbishop of Kyiv-Halyč

Bishop Ioan Bob † (1784), Bishop of Făgăraş

Bishop Samuel Vulcan † (1807), Bishop of Oradea Mare

Metropolitan Spyrydon Litwinowicz † (1857), Archbishop of Lviv

Metropolitn Josyf Sembratowicz † (1865), Archbishop of Lviv

Cardinal Sylvester Sembratowicz † (1879), Metropolitan of Lviv

Metropolitan Julian Kuiłovskyi † (1890), Archbishop of Lviv

Metropolitan Andrij Sheptytsky, O.S.B.M. † (1899), Archbishop of Lviv

Blessed Martyr Josaphat Kotsylovsky, O.S.B.M. † (1917), Bishop of Przemyśl, Sambor, et Sanok

Metropolitan Konštantín Bohachevskyj † (1924), Philadelphia, USA

Archbishop Ladyka, O.S.B.M. † (1929), Winnipeg

Metropolitan Maxim Hermaniuk, C.SS.R. † (1951), Winnipeg

Metropolitan Michael Bzdel, C.SS.R. † (1993), Winnipeg

Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, O.S.B.M.  (1997), Winnipeg

Source: http://archeparchy.ca/news_details.php?news_id=1133