IGNITE Canada (www.ignite-canada), a program of Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry, is pleased to offer a series for the development and support of leaders in ministries with young people at Redemptorist parishes across the country. This series, called, “NETWORK” will provide parish groups with the tools for developing new initiatives for work with young people (elementary, high school, young adult, and family ministry) by offering sound theological foundations for ministry, skills and resources for leadership development and ongoing support from the Ignite Team for each parish to build and sustain new and existing ministries with young people.
Stream 1:  NETWORK LEADERS SEMINARS  –  Following the format of last year, we will offer monthly seminars for teams of leaders for youth ministry, young adult ministry or family and children ministry.  These teams would draw from parents, current leaders and young people who want to build or improve the work of these ministries in their current setting.  These seminars are designed to build upon each other, and engage the team with mentoring from the Ignite Team in-between the online sessions.
Stream 2: NETWORK WORKSHOPS – Offered on a monthly basis, opposite of the Leaders Seminars, these are “stand-alone” Workshops for the leaders in Stream 1, and for anyone seeking good formation around topics that can enhance their ministries with youth, young adults and family and children ministry.  At present, we have 9 workshop leaders from across North America who will lead workshops based on their areas of expertise as they relate to these ministries.  Some of the topics include, but are not limited to:  Emerging Youth Ministry based upon Christus Vivit, Hispanic Ministry, Calling forth Disciples, Methods for Catechesis, Young Adult Ministry:  A Paradigm for Synodality,  Ministry to young people in the context of French culture, Skills for Family Ministry, Reaching beyond our walls, engaging the Spiritual but not Religious, Entering Silence: Lessons from Taize for young people and prayer.  We are still waiting to confirm titles of workshops and the dates that they will be held.  Presenters will be offered a stipend.
Fees:   Non-Redemptorist Parishes would be asked to pay $100 per person (for the 3+ persons only, $50).
Fees for Stream 2, as we will be offering a stipend for each presenter, would be a fee per person, per session.  Each Workshop would require pre-registration and pre-payment of fee.  The figure has not been finalized.
In the coming weeks, we will be producing brief 2 minute Videos exploring and explaining the NETWORK Program.  These videos will focus on: What the Network Leadership Seminars are about; Young People in the Shuffle of our Wounded World; Exploring the Components of Network; Being Called to be a Parish Leader for young people today; Understanding Ministry for Family/Children, Youth and Young Adults Today.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.
Coordinator of Ignite Canada
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