Glory to Jesus Christ!

On behalf of Most Rev. Michael Smolinski, C.Ss.R., the Eparchy of Saskatoon would like to announce new appointments and confirmation of offices for the Eparchial Curia and Chancery Office.

The following new appointments are made:

Very Rev. Vasyl Tymishak, Chancellor and Dean of Yorkton Deanery

Very Rev. André Lalach, Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Saskatoon Deanery

Very Rev. Andrei Kachur, Presbyteral Council

Rev. Basil Malowany, Vice-Dean of Yorkton Deanery

Rev. Warren Dungen, College of Consultors, Presbyteral Council

Rev. Ivan Simko, Presbyteral Council

Rev. Jeffrey Stephaniuk, Presbyteral Council

Rev. Dmytro Dnistrian, C.Ss.R., Presbyteral Council

Ms. Marusia Kobrynsky, Eparchial Notary

Ms. Cornelia Kyba-Bobinski, Eparchial Notary

The following staff have been hired for the Chancery Office:

Mr. Adam Ward, Administrative Coordinator of Eparchial Safeguarding Policy

All other previous appointments remain unchanged, with the exception of Rev. Leonid Malkov, C.Ss.R., who has been relieved of his appointment to the College of Consultors.  Father Leonid remains on the Presbyteral Council. Thank you, Father Leonid for your past service on this consultative body.

There are no changes to clergy appointments as pastors/administrators.

All Chancery and Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre Staff have been confirmed in their previous positions.

The official letters of appointment and confirmation can be found at the link below under “Pastoral Appointments” and “Press Releases.”

Administrative Acts:

The Clergy & Religious Directory can be accessed here: