New Project to Update Contact Information

of Eparchial Parish Families


Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава На Віки! Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!


Effective Monday May 31, 2021, our Eparchy is embarking on a project to update the contact information of all the Parish families within the Eparchy.  Jonathan Lashyn, a Seminarian from our Eparchy, will lead this project. Over the next nine weeks, Jonathan will be calling Parish families in our Eparchy to gather/update contact information:  address, telephone number(s), cell phone number(s) and email addresses, etc.

It is important that the Eparchy have your most current information, particularly cell phone number(s) and email addresses. The Eparchy and your Parish will use this information to communicate with our parishioners on a more regular basis concerning news/information that will be pertinent to you as a member of your Parish and Eparchy.

Jonathan will begin his work on May 31, 2021. So, when Jonathan calls, please be assured that this a genuine and valid call.  Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please call the Eparchy office at 306-653-0138, ext. 221.

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