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Distinguished Catholic Alumni Award
Congratulations to MASI Executive Director Fr. Alexander Laschuk, who received 2021 Distinguished Catholic Alumni Award from the Durham Catholic District School Board for being role model for students and for living Catholic Graduate Expectations.
“My time at Father Leo J. Austin really encouraged me to wrestle with ideas and to seek excellence and understanding in all of our classes. It prepared me not only for success in university but throughout life. It was a great honour for me to have several of my former teachers, from Mrs. Burns who taught me SK to Mr. Coates who taught Philosophy in OAC, attend my priestly ordination”.
The Distinguished Catholic Alumni Award recognizes former students of the Durham Catholic District School Board who have achieved significant success in their chosen pathway. Through their pursuit of personal excellence, they have made a positive contribution to their communities and represent the image of the Catholic learner as outlined in the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.
Making Friends with the Fathers:
Patristic Texts on Pastoral Ministry
The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies recently wrapped up its program for clergy continuing education, “Making Friends with the Fathers: Patristic Texts on Pastoral Ministry.” This event was organized by Father Andrew Summerson, a friend of the Institute, patristics scholar, and Byzantine Catholic priest in Indiana. Each week a class of seventy-five gathered on Friday afternoons to hear a lecture on a new topic of patristic pastoral theology. Readings were distributed prior to the weekly lecture and “breakout rooms” were utilized so as to allow for suitable discussion in the virtual context.
Topics included: Polycarp of Smyrna and Ignatius of Antioch (Fr Austin Litke OP), Gregory the Theologian: Priestly Ministry as the Art of Arts and Science of Sciences (Fr Andrew Hofer OP), John Chrysostom: Christ’s Reordering of a Priest’s Relationships and Life (Fr Andrew Hofer OP), Augustine of Hippo (Fr Austin Litke OP), Gregory the Great: 6thCentury Wisdom for Today’s Pastor (Fr Brendan Lupton SThD), and Dionysius the Areopagite and Maximus the Confessor: Priest as Mystagogue (Fr Andrew Summerson SThD).
Reflecting on the program, Father Andrew Summerson observed: 
“This class used quarantine constructively — as a time of discernment for pastoral ministry. The most creative proposals always come in dialogue with the tradition. I am edified by the overwhelming response from such a diverse group spread across North America: Latin and Eastern Catholic clergy, Orthodox and protestant clergy, as well as a number of female religious and lay ministers.
They came hungry: for community, for theology, and for ideas to put into practice into ministry drawn from these touchstone sources. It demonstrates well the role the Sheptytsky Institute can play in facilitating these essential conversations.”
Given the success of the program, Father Summerson is gathering these resources together into a larger book on Patristic pastoral theology. As well, a second continuing education program is already being planned.
Your continued support, year after year, specially in these difficult times, is needed, appreciated, and receives our daily prayers for your intentions.
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