Bishop Nykyta Budka Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Assembly #2755 – Saskatoon

“Blessed Bishop & Martyr, Nykyta Budka, the first Ukrainian Catholic Eparch of Canada, pray for us “

The formation of Bishop Nykyta Budka Assembly began with an organizational meeting held in Saskatoon on May 30, 2002. Many Ukrainian Catholic members of the D’Arcy McGee Assembly #1065 decided that they would start an Ukrainian Catholic Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Assembly. After receiving the episcopal blessing of Most Rev. Michael Wiwchar, C.Ss.R., Eparch of Saskatoon, the group proceeded. A committee headed by Sir Knights Joseph Kitz, PFN, Dr. Joseph Lozinsky, PFN and Dennis Kyrzyk initiated the groundwork with the Master of the District of Saskatchewan, Sir Knight Mervyn Welter, and on July 8th, 2002 this Assembly was instituted with 32 Charter members at St. Joseph’s Home in Saskatoon. Sir Knight Joseph Kitz,PFN became the Charter Faithful Navigator .

Membership has grown to currently 55 members in total on our roster. Two Sir Knights fell asleep in the Lord this past year and we gained two priests into our fold at the time of our last hosted Exemplification. We have 33 dues-paying members and 22 are honorary-life members. Of the Honorary members: 2 are Bishops, 9 are priests; 1 is an Archdeacon and 1 deacon.

Our Assembly normally gathers for its General Monthly meetings on the second Thursday of the month. Unless there is consensus for an alternate date, due to mainly Church feastdays (Julian Christmas, Easter, Ascension), other significant parish events like Missions which would restrict our members from participating in them fully or if a Tri-Assembly Social Gathering was being held at a particular time, we opted  to make this a priority rather than having a general monthly meeting. Sir Knights enjoy fun too.

The building of Fraternity and Unity not only amongst the general membership of the Assembly but amongst the three Saskatoon Assemblies is viewed as Extremely Important. We value and appreciate the comradery and the relationships built with Sir Knights from both Justice Emmett Hall Assembly #2700 and D’Arcy McGee Assembly #1065 of Saskatoon. On Tuesday, Sept.15/09, all three Saskatoon Assemblies for the first time had a Joint Installation of their Executive Officers at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. What a Joyful Moment! We have also had opportunities to grow in our Catholic faith and love for our country with various Patriotic Dinners with featured guest speakers and Appreciation Dinners for our Ladies and the Clergy and Religious. These were not just the only times to dress up in our social baldrics and tuxedos but serve in regalia together in honour guard/colour corps at the civic Remembrance Day Ceremonies and Decoration Day at Woodlawn Cemetery(Saskatoon) honouring our nation’s fallen service personnel and funerals/prayers of our dearly departed members and their loved ones too.

Our Assembly regularly meets in the Basement Clubroom of St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Youth Centre in Saskatoon since its inception. Our half-hour executive meetings are held preceding our 7pm General Monthly Meeting. Depending on issues arising, we normally meet for two to two and a half hours in length. It has become a common practice now to conduct business with Executive in person or via phone conversation prior and announce items also via SaskTel Talk-Mail to the general membership more frequently. We have consciously decided that a business meeting every month is not necessarily warranted but this does lengthen the time when we do meet, if we have not for several months.

Bishop Nykyta Budka Assembly #2755 hosted a joint Saskatoon Exemplification at St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Youth Centre & Cathedral with D’Arcy McGee Assembly #1065 and Justice Emmett Hall Assembly #2700 on Penecost Sunday, May 31, 2009. Our Class Patron recognized was Most Reverend Michael Wiwchar, C.Ss.R., the Eparch Emeritus of Saskatoon. It was very successful with 23 candidates becoming Sir Knights in the Fourth Degree from various points all over Saskatchewan – Melville, Swift Current, Kelvington-Rose Valley, Kindersley, Lanigan-Humboldt and the city of Saskatoon primarily. Along with various State and Federal dignitaries, we had 172 in attendance at our Exemplification banquet. The surplus funds acquired, after receipts paid the total disbursements from assembly advances, personal & corporate sponsorships and donations from Saskatoon Chapter and particular councils, was very significant for the start-up money for future exemplifications in Saskatoon. Each Assembly has just under $700 for this purpose now from this event alone.

This was the second time that Bishop Nykyta Budka Assembly hosted an Exemplification. The first Exemplification occurred on May 29, 2004 during the term of Faithful Navigator Dennis Kyrzyk.

Bishop Nykyta Budka Assembly has hosted a “Clergy & Religious Appreciation Night” for the Saskatoon Deanery of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon. This event was last held on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 at Ss. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church Auditorium(Supper-6pm). Our featured guest speaker was Very Reverend Father Provincial Larry Kondra, C.Ss.R. of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists)-Yorkton Province.  We had musical artists, Stephen and Kalyn Harasymchuk, providing entertainment. Our theme was concluding “The Year of the Priest” & “The Christian Vocation of Consecrated Life”. Ticket sales continued before the catering deadline of Sunday, April 25th &  werere $20/person. We had a “Sold-Out” celebratory event!

We shall continue to recruit new members from the Third Degree and God-Willing, our membership will increase with youthful enthusiasm of Columbian Ideals. It has been a real struggle and challenge to get Brother Knights from the Third Degree to become Fourth Degree Sir Knights. Awareness and education still required; many are misinformed about “the Swords and Feathered Caps”. We acknowledge that many of our membership are finding it more difficult to participate in honour guard functions due to age and health-related issues.  May we uphold our Catholic Faith and Stand on Guard for Thee – O Canada.

Executive Installation held on Wednesday, September 7th at Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church with Justice Emmett Hall Assembly #2700 of Saskatoon. The Master of the District of Saskatchewan Sir Knight Lorne Keller presided at the event. 
1st/ bottom row (left to right): Sir Knight Lorne Keller (Master of the District of Saskatchewan);Sir Knight John Starosta (Faithful Admiral & Faithful Trustee-Three Years);Sir Knight Edward Werbecki (Faithful Trustee – One Year); Sir Knight John Kurysh (Faithful Trustee – Two Years)
2nd/ middle row: Sir Knight John Lozinsky (Faithful Pilot); Sir Knight Zenon Derkach (Faithful Navigator); Sir Knight Joseph Kitz -substitute for  absent Sir Knight Adrian Olenick (Faithful Comptroller); Sir Knight Ken Booth (Faithful Purser)
3rd/ top row: Sir Knight Dennis Kyrzyk (Faithful Captain); Sir Knight Dr. Joseph Lozinsky (Faithful Scribe); Sir Knight Morris Smolinski – substitute for absent Sir Knight Ray Halushka (Faithful Outer Sentinel) and Sir Knight Nelson Remenda – substitute for absent: Sir Knight Eugene Pryma (Faithful Inner Sentinel)
absent:Very Rev. Janko Kolosnjaji  (Faithful Friar – absent due to being in Brazil for Patriarchial Sobor)

Bishop Nykyta Budka Assembly (BNBA) ‘s two youngest members in full regalia partaking in the Colour Corps/Honour Guard at the Saskatoon Remebrance Day Service held at Credit Union Centre. The largest indoor gathering for Remembrance Day in Canada with 8600+ people present. Sir Knight John  N. Starosta (Faithful Admiral & Faithful Trustee- Three Years) on left & Sir Knight John Lozinsky (Faithful Pilot) on right.  Two of Twenty-two in the Fourth Degree K of C Honour Guard

Recruitment poster Inviting 3rd Degree Members of Knights of Columbus to join our Assembly or the other two Assemblies in Saskatoon. On Saturday, February 25th/ 2012 at Holy Spirit Roman Catholic parish in Saskatoon , Justice Emmett Hall Assembly #2700 of Saskatoon is hosting an Exemplification to  initiate new members into the Patriotic Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus. We are in need of a Few Good Men to join our ranks.  “Sir Knight” is More than a title. – It is an honour.