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UCBC – Bishop Roborecki Branch Represented at Remembrance Day Service

– SASKTEL Centre, Saskatoon – November 11, 2019

[submitted by Brother Bill Gulka, KSV]

Left to Right: Bro. William Gulka, KSV, Bro. John Holowachuk, KSV, Bro. Bernie Bodnar, KSV,
Bro. Adam Nahachewsky.


Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC was involved in the Annual Remembrance Day Program held at the SASKTEL Centre in Saskatoon on Sunday, November 11, 2019. The ceremony involved being part of the colour guard in the parade, laying a wreath at the cenotaph, and participating in the march past in honour of the Lieutenant Governor, His Honour, Russell Merasty. Bro. Adam Nahachewsky was the flag bearer, Bros. Bernie Bodnar, KSV and John Holowachuk, KSV comprised the color party, and Bro. William Gulka, KSV laid the wreath of behalf of Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC.

UCBC - Bishop Roborecki Branch - Annual General Meeting - December 9, 2018
  • UCBC – Bishop Roborecki Branch – Annual General Meeting – December 9, 2018

    The Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC 2018 AGM was held on Sunday, December 09, 2018 at St. George’s Cathedral auditorium following the 10:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy. A joint brunch with St. George’s Branch UCWLC was enjoyed prior to the meeting. 18 members were in attendance. Rev. Fr. Janko Kolosnjaji led the opening prayer Отче наш.  This was followed by one minute of silence and the singing of Вічная пам’ять for Brothers Peter Hyshka and Tony Skomar who had passed away since AGM 2017. Bro. Bernie Bodnar, KSV was nominated to chair the meeting, and Bro. William Gulka, KSV served as recording secretary.

    Spiritual Advisor:      Very Rev. Janko Kolosnjaji    Hospodar:   ____        vacant_        ____

    Past President:          Bro. Bernie Bodnar, KSV      Control Commission (Auditors):

    President:                   Bro. Bernie Bodnar, KSV                  Bro. John Kornylo, KSV

    Vice-President:          _____         vacant__________                   Bro. Ed Rogalski

    Secretary:                   Bro. William Gulka, KSV                   Bro. Conrad Pura

    Treasurer:                 Bro. Adam Nahachewsky                  Alternate:  Bro. Martin Hryniuk



    Archives:        Bro. William Gulka, KSV                    Bro. John Kornylo, KSV

    Parish Council: Bro. Bernie Vinnick

    UCC:    Bro. Bernie Vinnick

    Bingo:             Bro. Eugene Pryma, KSV                   Bro. Adam Nahachewsky

    Press: (UKR) Bro. William Gulka, KSV                     (ENG) Bro. Bernie Bodnar, KSV

    Culture & Education: Bro. William Gulka, KSV

    Scholarship:   Bro. Bernie Bodnar, KSV     Bro. William Gulka, KSV              Bro. William Hnatiuk

    Fraternal:       Bro. William Gulka, KSV     Bro. Eugene Pryma, KSV

    Social:          Bro. John Holowachuk, KSV          Bro. Michael Mialkowsky
    Bro. Orest Sirman                        Bro. Ed Rogalski

    Membership:   Bro. John Holowachuk, KSV            Bro. Eugene Pryma, KSV

Panakhyda Service for 36th Anniversary of the passign of Bishop Andrew Roborecki & Dispursement of Bingo Revenue to Organizations - October 21, 2018

UCBC Bishop Roborecki Branch, Saskatoon 

October 21, 2018:

Panakhyda Service

for 36th Anniversary

of the Passing of
Bishop Andrew Roborecki

  [Submitted by Bro. William Gulka, KSV]

On Sunday, October 21, 2018, the Bishop Roborecki Branch UCBC held its annual commemoration of the passing of Bishop Andrew Roborecki, the first Ukrainian Catholic bishop for the Eparchy of Saskatoon. Bishop Andrew passed away suddenly 36 years ago – October 23, 1982 – and the commemoration is held on the Sunday closest to October 23. A Divine Liturgy followed by a Panakhyda service was celebrated at St. George’s Cathedral. The Bishop Roborecki Branch of the UCBC is named after Bishop Andrew Roborecki.



& Disbursements of Bingo Revenue to Organizations

The major fund raising endeavor of Bishop Roborecki Branch is bingos at City Centre Bingo. Following the Divine Liturgy and Panakhyda, a luncheon prepared by Bro. John Holowachuk, KSV, Bro. Orest and Zoria Sirman, and Marlyn Skomar was served to about 40 guests and recipient attendees.

After which the annual disbursement of Bingo revenues took place. Bishop Roborecki Branch raised about $13,000.00 during 2017-2018. Donations were made to the following church, religious, educational, recreational, and cultural organizations, with an emphasis on organizations that serve youth:

  • St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Park Inc., St. George’s Cathedral, Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School, Bishop Roborecki Catholic School, Musée Ukraina Museum, Altar Servers and Children of Mary in the three Ukrainian Catholic parishes in Saskatoon, Special Olympics – Zone 6, St. Volodymyr Eparchial Camp, Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble, and Sisters of St. Joseph.
  • PDF Copy of 2017-2018 Recipients of UCBC Disbursements »»
UCBC-Bishop Roborecki Branch-William & Elsie Hnatiuk Scholarship - Dec-17-2017

UCBC-Bishop Roborecki Branch-William & Elsie Hnatiuk Scholarship – Dec-17-2017

Submitted by Bro. William Gulka, KSV

Each year nominations are received for worthy student-recipients of the UCBC-Bishop Roborecki Branch/William & Elsie Hnatiuk Scholarship. Awards are based on the students’ cultural, religious, tradition, leadership, and language involvement. Students must members of one of the three Ukrainian Catholic parishes in Saskatoon.

Three 2017 UCBC-Bishop Roborecki Branch/William & Elsie Hnatiuk Scholarship presentations were made at the St. Nicholas Day Program at St. George’s Cathedral Parish on Sunday, December 17, 2017. They were Amanda Luczka – Grade 8 @ Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual Catholic School (St. George’s Cathedral Parish), Daniel Olenick – Grade 12 @ St. Joseph’s Catholic High School (Ss. Peter & Paul Parish), and Salome Salome Senger  – Grade 11 @ Bethlehem Catholic High School (St. George’s Cathedral Parish). In addition to a Certificate of Recognition, each recipient received a cheque for $100.00.

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UCBC Represented at Remembrance Day Service - November 11, 2017

UCBC- Bishop Roborecki Branch  Represented

at Remembrance Day Service
– Sasktel Centre, Saskatoon- November 11, 2017

[submitted by Brother Bernie Bodnar KSV]

Left to Right: Brothers-John Holowachuk KSV , Bernie Bodnar KSV(flag bearer),
Bill Gulka KSV (president), John Kornylo KSV(wreath layer)

35th Anniversary of the Passing of our Late Bishop Andrew Roborecki - October 22, 2017
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