St. Basil’s UCWLC – Regina


The St. Basil’s UCWLC Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 and was well attended.  Ladies expressed thanks, appreciation and recognition to the outgoing UCWLC Executive and elected the new executive:

President:   Mary Vogel
1st Vice:  Andria Obarianyk
2nd Vice:  Maria Obarianyk
Secretary: Maria Swarbrick
Treasurer: Nadia Bursey

Special thanks to Bohdanna Pankiw, outgoing President, for your hard work. We wish to also thank our UCWLC committee chairs, members and St. Basil’s Parish for your commitment and loyalty. Thank you Fr. Mudri, for the times you can be with us and giving us your spiritual touch and guidance. New Executive invites all members of UCWLC and all parish members for cooperation.