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For a generous welcome to the victims of human trafficking, enforced prostitution, and violence.


February Reflection by Fr. Joseph Laramie – Human Trafficking


Fr. Joseph Laramie, SJ is a campus minister at Saint Louis University, his alma mater. Previously, he taught at Regis Jesuit High School in Colorado and Rockhurst High School in Kansas City. His book, “Abide in the Heart of Christ: a 10-day Personal Retreat with St. Ignatius” will be printed in October 2019 by Ave Maria Press.

Which is better: a paper cup that you use once, or a metal mug that you drink from again and again? The decision is clear. Reusable goods are better for the environment and cheaper in the long run.What about people? Is it better to use someone once and then toss them aside, or to use them again and again? What?! Humans should not be treated like objects. We rightly feel confused and horrified by this example. But it happens everyday. There is a name for this modern crime: human trafficking.

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