Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for the Month of
February 2020

Universal prayer intention ‐ Listen to the Migrants’ Cries

We pray that the cries of our migrant brothers and sisters, victims of criminal human smuggling and human trafficking, may be heard and considered.

February Pope Video:

– Hear the cries of migrants

We cannot be silent accomplices of the organized criminal phenomenon of human trafficking. Much less can we be protagonists of it, even indirectly.

Faced with those who live off the misfortune of others and who take advantage of their desperation, let us work to overcome the inequalities that make it possible for one person to enslave another.



February Reflection by Fr. Joseph Laramie – Listen to the Migrants’ Cries

Knock knock

“Who’s there?”

This is a familiar format for a children’s riddle. You knock, I ask, you reply.

It’s based on a simple action– someone knocks on my door and I ask, “Who is it?”

Is this a stranger? A friend? A criminal? Who is knocking?

We’re right to be curious. And it’s ok to ask questions. But should we automatically be suspicious? What if this is a friend, or someone who needs my help?

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Prayer of the Month – February 2020

Lord Jesus, you traveled a hard and lonely road with Mary and Joseph.
As a child, they carried you to a foreign land to escape the wrath of Herod.
Lord, may we see you present in the migrants and refugees who knock at the doors of our nation.

Open our ears to hear the cry of the poor, the weak, the weary and wounded, the children and newborns and tiny babies still in the womb!
Open our hearts! Give us hearts like Your Sacred Heart– large, and warm and welcoming.
Lord, even if we cannot welcome everyone, help us to welcome someone– even one child, one family in need.

Holy Family, help us to pray and work for justice and mercy in a broken world.


  • Fr. Joseph Laramie, SJ


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