Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention

for the Month of March 2021

Intention for Evangelization Sacrament of reconciliation

Let us pray that we may experience the sacrament of reconciliation with renewed depth, to taste the infinite mercy of God.


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What does the sacrament of reconciliation mean to you? Have you already had that experience? Francis tells us: “When I go to confession, it is in order to be healed, to heal my soul. To leave with greater spiritual health.” The Pope invites us to live this sacrament of love that transforms our life: “The center of confession is not the sins we declare, but the divine love we receive, of which we are always in need.” God is greater than our sins. Share this message full of joy with everyone you care about, and go to the sacrament of forgiveness to savor the Lord’s infinite mercy. It’s a gift for you!


Prayer of the Month – March 2021

Guest Author


Loving God,
you have reconciled us in Christ Jesus
and have given us the ministry of reconciliation.
We pray for all those from whom we are estranged.
Bring healing to strained or broken relationships.
Forgive us for the times we have wronged others,
whether by ignorance, neglect, or intention.
Grant us the courage and the grace to seek their forgiveness
and opportunity to make amends.
Where others have wronged us,
grant us a gracious spirit,
that we might forgive
even as we have been forgiven in Jesus Christ.


  • Prayer by John Kindschuh


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March 2021 Reflection – Sacrament of Reconciliation

In 2011, I knew that I needed to reconcile with my dad – and ultimately with God — for being a distant son.  Perhaps my desire was to reconnect with my father after my parents’ divorce in 1995.  Perhaps my desire was to yearn for a father-son relationship as I recently had a child of my own.  Or perhaps my desire was to resolve that nagging feeling in my soul that I, too, had done something wrong.  Whatever the reason, I was asking God for a “fresh start” after years of pain.

I carried decades of frustration, sadness, and burden with me.  Sharing a story that desperately needed to be told, I exposed my guilt to my parish priest.  I found a safe place in the confessional to share critical details; in fact, during our discussion, we discovered a solution as to how to best proceed.  Years of turmoil were transformed into a new beginning for our relationship.  What began as an intimidating process ultimately developed into a lifetime of blessings.


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